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Sunday, August 21, 2022

How to change phone number in pi network

Hello, friends I am subhadip Mandal , 

Today so many people facing an common problem, how to change phone number in pi network. 

What is Pi Network?

Basically PI network is a crypto token mining application made by three Oxford university students,  it Is the first cryptocurrency mining application that can use from Mobile phone.  

This is the main reason why pi network become so popular in all over the world more than 35 million users.

What are the main reason to change phone number on pi network apps?

Most of the pi users want to change their register phone number because they use pi network application more than one or two years 

And their registered mobile numbers are inactive or they currently not using these restarts phone number that’s why they want to change they are still my number on Pi network application. 

What happen if your pi  network registered mobile number is not active? 

If your registered mobile number is not active then you can’t able to sell your pi coin, from my wallet after mainnet launch.

Second reason if you want to login on Pi network apps or PI browser then you can face some problem like if you forget your password then you can’t reset your PI account password.

How to change phone number in pi network?

  1. Open the Pi Network Apps.
  2. Click On 3 dot Menu on top left corner.
  3. Selecte Profile Option.
  4. Click Update option.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

What Will Be The value Of PI In 2025

If you Interested to know what will be the value of pi network in 2025, 

In this article I said  top 3 reason what makes pi network more valuable upcoming years.

1- 35,000,000+ PI users mining Daily, That makes PI network more valueable in the upcoming years.

 If you don’t start your mining don’t ignore pi network because that’s the best opportunity to become rich by doing some mining every 24 hours.

2- pi network is different from all other cryptocurrency because you can mine pi coin from your mobile phone, 

but all other cryptocurrency you need some big machine, that’s too much costly.  That’s makes pi network more valuable in the upcoming years 2025.

3- Pi core team made this pi browser app From this app you can complete your KYC and transfer your pi coin to another wallet.

You have to complete All the main net checklist to sell your pi coin on the market

Saturday, May 28, 2022

How To Complete KYC In Pi Network 2022

 Like all other other cryptocurrency pi network going to lunch to market in the next six months.

It’s a very good news for all pioneers who mining pi for long time, it’s time to get rewarded to all pioneers. 

How To Complete KYC In Pi Network:

Step 1- Download Pi Browser Apps.

Step 2- Create A Pi Wallet.

Step 3- Confirm Your Pi Wallet.

Step 4- Commit To lockup Configuration.

Step 5- Submit Your KYC Application.

Step 6- Wait For KYC Result.

Step 7- Invite Your Teams To Complete KYC to transfer More pi

How to get KYC Slot-

Currently pi core team selecte random pioneers to complete their KYC on pi network, this slot section done randomly, you have wait some time to get your slot to complete KYC on pi network apps, 

This a slot last for only  15 minutes if you unable to complete your KYC within 15 minutes then this slot give some other pioneers,

In this case your have to wait some more time to get KYC slot again.

Which Document Needs To complete PI network KYC-

 For Indian citizens you have to submit AADHAR Card , or PAN Card etc.

Currently enclosed main net running after magority of pioneers complete the KYC open main net will open for all users, then we can sell our real pi on the market.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

pi network invitation code

 Pi is a new cryptocurrency to help the everyday people, that can easily accessible from your mobile phones.

Pi network has 33 million plus active user all over the world, that’s the main reason what makes this application so popular in India.

Pi network invitation code: subhadip0808 

subhadip0808 is pi network invitation code or refer code,

How to use pi network invitation code-

Pi, follow this link and use my username (subhadip0808) as your invitation code.

Download the app and create an account with your phone number and verify your phone number with otp, submit your real name to passed the KYC process and starts mining.

Pi Network Referral Code- 

If you want earn some real money by mining cryptocurrency then you are in the real path. 
Download the pi apps from my referral link to get some extra pi per hour.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Pi Hackathon Events Update

 Pi Hackathon Events Update

What Is Pi Hackathon - 

It Is A Events Where Software Developer Come And Participate , Show His Idea Or Apps If His Project Selected , Then  Lunch In Pi Network Platform, Example , Like Freelancer If You Done My Job In Exchange I Will Give You Some Pi Coin.

In compared to other currency Pi network marketing strategy is different.

In future could pi coin value will be 1 dollar. 

We mine pi coin for free by taping mining button only 1 time in 24 hours.

If you are mining its important to know how pi coin value build.

How much protencial in today's update, encourage pi marketing.

What is pi day -

Pi day celebrated in 14th of march, pi2day is  28th of  Jun .

In first pi day pi team invited Pioneer to show there's art and create memes pi related. The help pi network marketing and promotion.

What is pi2day - 

Pi2day is introduced to pi Hackathon to build pi value. Pi2day celebrate 28th of Jun to 10th of August.

We Want to build applications on Pi and help improve development & ecosystem growth for the Pi Network? Our first ever Pi Hackathon is designed to educate community developers — showing them how to build on top of Pi using the new Pi platform and developer resources — and surface promising teams who will help build the future with Pi together.

 Pi Hackathon a multi-week event filled with talks, workshops and building activities. To conclude, projects will be able to win prizes and present their work to the Pioneer community. Pioneers, let’s #BuildPi2gether with applications that provide real-world use cases.

Leading up to Pi Hackathon’s June 28 kickoff, we will announce more details about how to sign up for the event on the home screen.

Pi withdraw -  if you want to withdraw pi , then need to wait till mainnet lunch, now testmet is running everything is testing. When mainnet lunch , then you able to withdraw pi coin.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Pi Network about to get listed are you prepared for the lunch

Pi Network is about to get listed are you prepared for the lunch

So you downloaded the PI network mobile app?

The next question is, now what?'

When pi will be listed

How much A5 currency will be valued in dollars, and what you can do to prepare yourself in anticipation.

Cryptocurrency mining is a complicated computer process, that usually necessitates the use of specialised equipment.

Ethereum is mined with powerful video cards.  but Bitcoin is mined with ASICs which are much more expensive.

Pi networks creators choose to make their coins more widely available in such a way that, Pi Crypto may be mined by anyone with a smartphone.

Find the Wi-Fi network happy with a large user base, the future of the Pi coin seems unclear.

Catching out of your Pi crypto

Before the end of 2021, the pi network will be launch on the main net. 

When the pi network reaches the mainnet it will join other cryptocurrencies in the market.

Where they will be assigned an exchange value against set currencies such as the dollar, euro.

Expected to happen by the end of 2021.
Even after pi reaches the cryptocurrency market, I advise him to hold.
It will take another decade for the PI network to mature.
To reach 100 million subscribers takes around a year.

Because the increase is exponential.
I believe we will surpass 100 million users within the next year.

According to the white paper. The value of pi network currency is determined not just by the amount of coin in circulation.
But also by demand.

This is in contrast to other cryptocurrencies when the value is determined by the scarcity of coins.

The demand is determined by the pi network's ability to sustain its network of third-party apps.

So in preparation for the listing, here's what you should do. If you want to keep your coin when it hit the market, you must verify you are a real person.

Fortunately, you still have a year to make your decision.
The identification process for the pi network is very stringent.

A Government-issued identification card is required.
This is a complete crapshoot of the bureaucratic process, to obtain documents vires based on your nationality.

On the other hand, by inhibiting money laundering, the pi network remains a cleaner cryptocurrency.

I understand why some people are concerned about revealing personal information.
You have a year to access the platform stability.

Friday, May 21, 2021


Pi network

The first digital currency you can mine on your phone.
It is secure immutable non counterfeitable  digital money.
Works on your mobile phone and does not drain your battery.

Pi network team

The project was founded by three individual two of them PHD Dr Nicholas and Dr changdiao

Pi network mining

4 levels of mining - 
1 Pioneer
2 contributor
3 ambassador
4 node

1 . Pioneer - This is who sign into the mobile app on daily basic, 
2 . Contributor - This is the people who using Pi network.
3  . Ambassador - this is the people who I invited.
4 . Node - Run the Pi mining software on computer to help secure the blockchain based on security connections from contributors.

  • Reward for mining paid out daily.
  • All minus receive a payment for contributing.
  • Free transactions when network congestion is low.

Pi network economics

Total supply = M+R+D
R= a fixed supply that serves as a referral bonus for both referer and referee can be mined by both parties over their lifetime.
D= my minted along side of each coin minted for mining and referals.
F = Pi s  mining and rewards decrease as a function of the number of the network.

Pi stack

Ledger and shared trust graph .

            Rating system for notes, based on behaviour and community recruitment.

Attention marketplace

       Scare social media

       Advertising marketplace

       Barter marketplace

Decentralized applications.      

       No need to booststrap 



Pi governance

5 million member

 Similar of chain governance to BTC?

Committee formed based on network contributions.

Committee responsible for soliciting and contributing to the network.


Phase 1 - design, development and trust graph booststrap.

Phase 2 - test net.

Phase 3 - main net.

Remember - 

Total supply.

Social media and team performance.



Chen's profile.

Monday, May 17, 2021

What is pi network ? How to make money with pi network?

What is a pi network?

Pi network - 

the pi network is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. But it has not been launched in the market yet. some people tell about its pricing its price is so much.

But it is estimated until it is launched in the currency market. 

You cannot say what its price will be some people are saying that it is $1 its price is $5 or some cents.

Today we are going to talk about the what is PI network.

How you can earn $500 daily using your mobile phone just by using it.

Pi coin reality?

Whether it is real or it is fake and if it is real then how can we make money from this.

You have also often seen that you are getting the same message everywhere on Facebook and WhatsApp.

This is a life-changing opportunity you should download this application quickly and start mining etc.

Just as people ignore Bitcoin and today people regret it so the pi network can be like.

So at the start let me tell you what is pi network is. so it is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Find out when it launches whether it happens or not but if launched. It shows that its value is not even worth some money so defence that after the launch.

The value of this currency when people will trade it in the market then we will know what the value of it will be.

What is the Pi network launch date?

But the announcement of the Pi network was done in 2019 but it has not been launched yet.

Every time it is said that we have such a million target will launch as soon as the user completes.
But today is 2021 so far this currency has not been launch so here you may have a bit of an issue that if it were real.

It should have been launched but it has not happened yet.
Even now over 17 million downloads have been made on their app 

We talked about that 2 but 10 million + downloads have been done but this currency has not been launched yet.
Now we talk about its app that all you have to do is to go to the Play Store.

Download the app of my network I just click on the button of mining once in 24 hours and your Mining will start.

After that, the queen of your final will start being generated and at the time when this currency will be launched if you have a lot of fines and you will earn money by selling it immediately.

This is the reason why people write in messages that this is a golden opportunity to earn $500 in a day don't let it go.

So let me tell you first of all this is not the first currency that has been launched in this way.
A lot of currency has come and gone before getting launch by fraudulent people.

People say that the application is free application is downloading for free so it is been mined for free.

So what has happened to anyone who are we give me any money to anyone, let me tell you one thing.