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Monday, November 15, 2021

Garena Free Fire OB31 Leaks , Bundle, Incubator, Evo Gun, Pet, Events etc

            OB 31 UPDATES

Gun - 



CS Rank Season 10 
Reward - Golden UMP


New Character :- NAIRI

About NAIRI character  - 
NAIRI is a storm chaser dedicated to climate technology.

New Pet

New Pet - YETI
Pet skin : Tribal Yeti - when you see a glowing green dot in the snow , you know you have find their tribe.

Upcoming PINS

Team Heist pin
Joyful spring pin
Veteran's pin
Winter pin

Next Incubator Bundle


Next Elite Pass

1) Planet Rogue
2) Papyrus Rebel

Upcoming Gloowall Skin

  1. Gloowall - Victory
  2. Gloowall - Heatbound
  3. Gloowall - Gold Vault
  4. Gloowall - IM Printed Trap
  5. Gloowall - Night ScouTer My Beats
  6. Gloowall - Pink Wink Cheers To A Burning Winter
  7. Gloowall - Angel With Horns 

New Fist Skin

Phantom Fist 👊
Frozen Flame Punch 

Next Gun Incubator

M1887 - Terrano Burst

Rank Season 26 Reward

Famas - S26 Exclusive Laura

Friday, September 3, 2021

Free Fire Advanced Server OB30 Updates New Elite Characters

Free Fire advance server OB30 update Registration starts from 2nd September, server open from 9th September 2021. It might bring two new characters, a new pet, new mechanisms, and clash squad rank season 9 reward - The Golden M4A1. If you are a true enthusiast and want to know about the upcoming features in detail, check out the leaks here.

Free Fire OB30 New Characters - 

Elite character

1) Name - Leon 

Occupation - Young basketball Star.

Ability - Recover HP after engaging in combat.

2) Name - Hasen

Occupation - Student at the Polytechnic Institute. His specialty is memory technology.

Ability - It forms a memory fog when an enemy is eliminated. Revealing the position of another nearby enemy.

Chrono microchip, microchip k, Jai microchip

Use to level up the character's ability microchip pieces (Chrono) microchip pieces (K) microchip (Jai) 

LBFF theme item

LBFF banner

LBFF Avatar

LBFF skyboard 

Weekly/monthly VIPs can enjoy an abundance of immediate and daily rewards. In-store discount items and another premium privilege.

The weekly VIPs are valid for 7days and the monthly VIP is valid for 30 days. Can be redeemed every day within the validity of the VIP membership. If you logged in but lost the day's reward check you can redeem it within 7 days by mail.

November and December months elite passes theme - 

EP 42 Devil Dragon.

EP 43 Ace Poker.

Free Fire Leon new characters arrive in booyah event 

Universal EP Badge - New item to get wild badges. Which can be used in the current or the future pass 


Wednesday, August 4, 2021

When Will Free Fire Open Today : New Character In Free Fire Ob29

Free fire OB29 update will be released on August 4th, 5.30 P.M, 2021, after testing off ALL the features on the Advance Server, which was lunches. Too many features are added like weapons, new characters, a new game mode, and even a new map (1 V1) for the mode.

New character - Dimitri

New character Dimitri joining free fire in this patch update.

Active skill -  Dimitri can assist his teammates, to recover them. Great a 3.5m healing zone, inside allies, can self recover and get 3HP/S lasts for 15-sec Cool downtime 60 sec ( MAX LEVEL).

New Character - Thiva

Passive Skill - quickly recover down teammate (20% fast). And give 40 HP in 5s.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Free Fire 4th anniversary event : How to claim 4th anniversary free reward

Garena Free Fire is one of the most famous battle royale game, and it's made huge user base since it's release, now 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store. 

Before Free Fire 4th anniversary event Garena Free Fire made lots of collaboration with words best celebrity like Cristiano Ronaldo , DJ Alok , punch man , Hrithik Roshan and lots more.

Now, players are presently awaiting Free Fire's fourth anniversary, in which the developers are likely to bring large-scale events and provide a lots of rewards.

Upcoming events in free fire after 4th anniversary -

New clash squad rank season - Get New Gun skin AN94 for free when your rank above GOLD 1.

New clash squad heroic dress -

You can get this dress for free , when you reach horoic.

2 new Gun skin and Gloo Wall skin are coming after Free Fire 4th anniversary

New Thompson skin

New Gloo Wall skin

Also read - New Daimond Royal In Free Fire

Saturday, July 24, 2021

New Map, New Characters, New Mode & Much More! OB29 Advance Server Free Fire

What's New In OB29 Advance Server Free Fire

  • New Pet Sensei Tig
  • New Characters
  • New Game Mode Craftland
  • New 1 v 1 Game Mode
  • New Gun AC80
  • New Grenade Training
  • New Scope In SPAS12
  • New Emote Animation
  • New Game Lobby

  1. Pet Sensei Tig ( Nimble Ninja)
Skills - Reduces The Duration Of Enemies 'Man marking (Moco) skill' By 60% ( Max Level)

2. New Character ( Healing heart beat)
Skills - create a 5 m-diameter healing zone, inside user and allies recover 3HP/s.
When downed , user hand can self recover to get up. Lasts for 15s , CD 60s.

New Characters - (VITAL VIBES)

Ability -  Rescue (healup) speed increase by 40% ,  upon a successful rescue user recover 40 HP in 5 s.

New Characters - Elite Moco ( ENIGMA EYE)
Ability - when you hit you enemy , Moco mark last for more than 7 second.

4. New Game Mode Craftland 

In this mode you can edit the map as you want .

5. New 1 V 1 Game Mode 

In this mode you can play 1 V 1 with Random player . You can select any gun and improve your skill.

I think after clash squad this is the most popular game mode , leaderboard will come in upcoming days.

6. New Gun AC80
Every bulet give extra damage, it's a AR Gun.
Attachment - Everything, no scope

7. New Grande Training

Here you can improve  your cook Grande skill.

8. New Scope In SPAS12

In SPAS12 No default scope, but you can add only 2X Scope .

9. New Emote Animation

10. New Game Lobby

Mic , Speaker,  invite , all potision are changed.

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Friday, July 23, 2021

1 Daimond Event Free Fire Lucky Wheel

1 Daimond Event Free Fire Lucky Wheel
1 Daimond Event Free Fire Lucky Wheel

I Got Ninga Bundle at 1 Daimond Event Free Fire Lucky Wheel.

Spin the wheel and try your luck.
You can get car skin , bike skin , pet , emote, character, backpack, loot box , surfboard, gun create, incubator voucher, Daimond Royal voucher at only 1 Daimond.

Event Date - 23 - 29 July.

1 Daimond Event Free Fire Lucky Wheel

You can refresh the prize pool for free 1 time, next refresh at 10 Daimond.

After your first purchase ( free Gloo Wall) you can spin the wheel one more time and try your luck.