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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Why Free Fire Is Not Opening Today

Garena free fire is one of the most popular battle royale Mobile game in India, Where government Announced 53 apps name banned in India due to data leaks in China one of them Apps is Garena  free fire.

Why Free Fire Is Not Opening Today:

The main reason why free fire is not opening today because all the telecom operators follow government orders to block Greener free fire server connection in India.

That’s why free fire player doesn’t login they are free fire account on the Free Fire application you can follow below step to open the Free Fire apps.

How To Open Free Fire Apps After Ban:

You can open the free fire apps by 2 method -

No 1: Turn off your data and connect to the Wi-Fi to open the Free Fire app.
No 2: If you use Jio Sim then try to open using BSNL’s data

Monday, January 10, 2022

Which Team Got The Most Booyah In Match Day 1 in FFPL

Which Team Got The Most Booyah In Match Day 1 in FFPL?

Answer- ZERO DEGREE team got the most booyah in day 1 in FFPL.

FFPL 2021 Winter Quiz Contest Answer 

Answer the questions with your UID 50 People win the a car 98 gun skin.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Free Fire January Month Elite Pass Season 44 Dress And Emote 2022

 Garena free fire make huge fan base in the mobile gaming industry in last 3-4 years. They lunch Elite pass every month to mention the hype in the free fire players. 

Which Elite pass come in Garena Free Fire January Month this year 2022-

This January Month Elite are so special because this Elite pass has most popular dress with best Emote.

Free Fire January Month Elite Pass Season 44 Dress And Emote 2022
Free Fire January Month Elite Pass Season 44 Dress And Emote 2022

Free Fire January Month Elite Pass Season 44 Dress And Emote 2022-

Get New Mag7 Gun skin in season 44 Elite pass, Kar98 skin one car skin with beautiful male female bundle .

How To Get Free Elite Pass In Free Fire-

To get free Elite pass in garena Free Fire you have 
1- wait for some offers in free fire,  
2- some double Daimond top up event,
3- Some web event where you have to spin and get Elite pass with 1 Daimond.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

7 Upcoming Gloowall Skin In Free Fire 2022, After OB31 Update

 Garena lunch so many new items every week so remain their hype, so these 7 gloowall coming to free fire in the upcoming days.

Importants Of Gloowall:

We all know Gloowall give us a temporary cover any situation you have, open field or in house,  these days gloowall is so important to all free fire players.

7 Upcoming Gloowall Skin-

This Gloowall come for india and Bangladesh server, free x Sakib AL Hasan collaboration Gloowall.

When this new Gloowall come in free fire:

This 7 Gloowall come in free fire this OB31 update, 1 Gloowall already come in free fire.

How Many Daimond You Need To Get This New Gloowall:

You minimum 500 Daimond need to get 1 of this Gloowall

Friday, October 29, 2021

Free Fire ID details of GW Manish: Stats, real name, K/D ratio, and monthly earnings


GW Manish is a Free fire YouTuber from India, and within the last two year, he has  grow his YouTube. As a result of his engaging and interesting videos, he has amassed 2.75 million subscribers and 463.070 million views.

In addition, the internet star has 160 thousand followers on his Instagram handle. GW Manish also has a channel named "GW Manish Vlogs" with 120 thousa nd subscribers.

GW Manish's real name, Free Fire ID, and stats

GW Manish's actual name is Manesh, and his Free Fire ID is 663844446.

Lifetime stats of GW Manish-

Here are the lifetime stats of GW Manish

GW Manish has played 4870 squad matches in Free Fire and has 680 first-place finishes, which translates to a win percentage of 19.90%. In the process, he has 12103 kills, ensuring a K/D ratio of 2.70,headshot rate 42.53%.

The YouTuber has 1380 solo matches to his name and has come out on top on 64 occasions, leading to a win ratio of 4.65%. With 2150 frags, he has upheld a K/D ratio of 1.64.


GW Manish hasn't played solo and duo ranked matches

GW Manish has featured in 21 squad games in the current ranked season and has secured four wins, converting to a win rate of 19.04%. He has racked up 53 kills for a K/D ratio of 3.12.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Why Free Fire Redeem Code Website Not Open

We all know that today Garena Free Fire hosted a tournaments on their YouTube channel.

Why Free Fire Redeem Code Website Not Open?

1. Huge Traffic

Almost all the free fire players try to redeem the code at the same time that's why the website not open

2. Load on server

At the same time we all try to redeem the code , that's the main reason website not open.

3. Confirm Button Not Working

Another problem faced by the free fire players, now you can enter the code but when you click on confirm Button it's not working.

4. Gateway Timeout

FFIC 400K live watching Redeem code today

How to Open the redeem code website?

You can try to redeem the code at the late night.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Free Fire Squid Game Red Light Green Light New Mode

Garena Free Fire introduced a new game mode, this mode inspired by Squid Game.

To celebrate some big collaboration Garena Free Fire lunch some new mode for few days.

Free Fire Squid Game Red Light Green Light New Mode Full Gameplay

How to play this new mode

Select this mode, you can play with your squad, 
You have run when the music start and stop before the music stop if you unable to stop your character before the music stop you will be elemeneted by the green light.

You can Play this new Squid Game Red Light Green Light New Mode both free and free fire max.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Garena Announced Free Fire Fantasy Game For LBFF

Garena has announced a fantasy game based on the Liga Brasileira de Free Fire (LBFF).

According to the release, ‘FF SQUAD’ will allow fans to build ‘dream teams’ earning points throughout the season based on player performances. The First season of LBFF  will start on August 24th.

Players must have an active free fire account to be able to create an account in FF SQUAD. After the successful login, all the players will receive several coins to start signing players. Players have options to buy and sell. Huge pro players and coaches are available through its market system. 

Based on the point, the ranking will be decided.  All the fans will be displayed on LBFF’s social media and live streams. 

Players will also be able to create custom leagues and invite friends to fight against each other. The first season of FF SQUAD will follow the official LBFF 6 calendar, LBFF first season starts on August 28th. The official site is expected to be accessible from August 24th.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

What Is The Theme Song For The 4th Anniversary Of Free Fire

Garena free fire give free rewards for the player's, recently Garena free fire announced their 4th anniversary special theme song on YouTube

Free Fire recently collaborated with DVLM ALOK AND KSHMR and lunch Their REUNION MV TEASER on YouTube on 12 August 2021.

ALOK and KSHMR are coming back to join the free Fire 4th anniversary party with DVLM together. Free fire's 4th anniversary theme song, Reunion, is produced by 4 of the world's top DJ'S - Dimitri Vegas, Mike, Alok and KSHMR.

ALOK and KSHMR, who have both previously collaborated with free fire and entered the free Fire universe's as in game Characters, have joined the Reunion this August.
The DJ'S have come together to celebrate 4 years of fun  and enjoyable experiences for free Fire players all over the world.

What Is The Theme Song For The 4th Anniversar Of Free Fire?

Answer- Reunion.

IF You Submit Wrong Answers - 

You can Get Extra Chances if you submit wrong answer today. There are 4 options of the question what is the Theme Song For The 4th anniversary of free Fire.

How To Get Extra Chances- 

If Click on wrong answers, no problem free fire give you another 3 chances to select the right answer.
Step 1 - Go to the Daily Quiz Page
Step 2 - Select GET ANSWER CHANCE option.
Step 3 - Now you have to play 1 matches with your friends in any mode.
Step 4 - After completing the match again click on the GET ANSWER CHANCE option and claim your Chance.
Step 5 - Select The Right Answer REUNION.

What Happen If You Used All Chance And Your Answer Still Wrong - 

You have to wait till tomorrow questions, If You Used All Chance And Your Answer Still Wrong, but you are still eligible to get all the rewards, you have to wait for the next question.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Free Fire Low Mb Download : How to Download Free Firre Low Mb

Garena Free Fire is an another battle royale game, join another 48 players in a fight for survival in an isolated island where only one person or one team can survive. Download Garena Free Fire low mb now by clicking the download button on this page.

Free Fire Low Mb Download, How To Download and Install Free Fire? Know more details here. Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royale game, 111 Dots Studio developed this game. 

It is online multiplayer game and this third-person Garena Free Fire game is played. The Free Fire Game has a maximum of 52 players who drop an island for weapons and equipment to kill all the other players. Players can choose their starting point, use arms and materials to continue their survival lives. To know more about Free Fire Low Mb Download then read this article given below.

Also read - Double Daimond Top Up website

How to install and download Free Fire Low MB?

Do you want to download Free Fire Low Mb? Here are the full Free Fire PC Download details. Check how you download Bluestacks from the PC for Garena Free Fire, how you install Free Fire on your PC, too. Download all Free Fire PC information and play Garena Free Fire on PC. Do the following steps to download the Free Fire Low Mb.

1. Go to the Google PlayStore or Apple store

2. Go to the search box and search for “ Free Fire”.

3. Click on the Free Fire game.

4. Hit Install and You’re done.

Free Fire Mystery shop Trap Bundle

Free Fire Double Daimond Top Up Link : website, eligibility and process

Garena Free Fire provides its users with a large amount of in-game costume and Gun skin, events other items that typically require diamonds to be spent. The in-game currency (Daimond) is not free and must be purchased using real money.

As a result, players try alternatives that provide additional offers, including a double top up website link, so that they can get more diamonds for the same price.

Free Fire double Daimond top up : Website, price and more

Games Kharido is one of the most trusted websites that provides users a 100 percent top-up bonus.

If you already done double Daimond top up, you can get 2nd time double Daimond top up, here is a new Website from here you can get 2 time double Daimond in free fire.

This link will take you to the official website of . The 100 percent bonus diamonds are only available to users on their first top up from the website.

However, players will gain a smaller amount of additional diamonds on their subsequent purchases as well.

Prices- The pricing for diamonds on topupkaro is as follows:

However, players will do a smaller amount of diamonds top up on their I'd as well.

Step 1: You must visit the official website through the link given above.

Step 2: After landing on the webpage, you need to select the Free Fire option.

Step 3: You will be prompted to log in using your UID

Step 4: Once you have signed in, numerous top up options will appear on the screen along with their prices.

Step 5: You need to select the preferred top up and payment method. Next, you can press the proceed to payment button.

The payment options listed on the website are PayTM, UPI, and Net Banking.

The diamonds will be credited to your ID soon after the transaction is completed. Users can also collect top up rewards from the in-game event section if they have purchased the required in-game currency.

Guitar Backpack can currently be obtained by purchasing 200 diamonds as a part of the new top up event that is active in the game.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

How to get red custom cards in free fire?

Custom rooms are one of the most popular game modes in Free Fire because it provides users with an option to play with their friends using their preferred settings, including movement, HP, jump height, and most popular unlimited gloo wall.
A new red custom room card was made, it is available in the Free Fire after the OB27 update. It offers a higher level of customization and more features.

What is a red custom card in free fire?

The red custom card is introduced in the latest OB27 update of free fire. In the red custom card, you can add so many advanced settings in the custom matches.

All the players know already about the yellow custom card. you can increase or decrease the rate of things in the customs room of free fire.

Different between red custom card and yellow custom card?

In the red custom, you have an advanced settings option. You can add any gun that you want, but in the yellow custom card, you don't have any options The red custom card is different from the yellow custom card.

How to get red custom card in free fire?

In the latest OB29 update, there is no option to buy this red custom card from the store. but maybe in the upcoming days, the red custom card is available to purchase in the next update or available in the event. The red custom card is not available to use in the India server of free fire.

What is the use of the red custom cards in free fire - 

The new red custom card (Advance Room Card) provides Advance Settings only for the Clash Squad mode.

Store - The entire Clash Squad store can be customized with the number of credits required for a particular gun.

Economy: The number of credits that players will gain for any event in the match like kills, first blood, and more

Monday, August 9, 2021

Which is the strongest character in free fire after OB 29 update?


All characters in free fire play a significant role in the game, because of their unique abilities. These abilities impact gameplay and also help players.

With each new OB update in Free Fire, the developers and moderators have increased the number of characters in the game.

Which is the strongest character in free fire after OB 29 update?

Garena free fire includes two new characters named Dimitri and Thiva. Dimitri is the strongest character in free fire after OB 29 update.

The number of top-up diamonds to get a free character, Dimitri

As per the official announcement by Garena, Dimitri will be added to Free Fire as part of a top-up event which will begin on August 12th. The event will start after the ongoing Destiny guardian top-up event ends on August 11th. You can get this Dimitri character by top-up of 200 Diamond.

The trending character of free fire is now 2021 August?

The trending character of free fire August 2021 is Dimitri.

Jai's character is no more in the free fire?

Garena free fire collaborated with Hritik Roshan, then lunch this Jai character. Now Hritik Roshan canceled the collaboration with free fire, but the Jai character will be available in the game.

Free Fire Ka next elite character kon hai

The next elite character is ELITE MOCO.

Free fire me k character Ka Pura name

The full name of the K character is KSHMIR.

Chrono character in free fire best for Rush or survive

Chorono character is best for Rush.

Which is the best free fire character that can be claimed by gold

Kelly is the best character that can be claimed by gold.

What happened when we used three elite character skills slots in free fire

When you used three elite characters skills then you can use these three characters' normal ability and elite ability.

Free fire fast character details

The fastest characters of free fire are Joseph

How to get characters that any diamonds without paying any diamonds in garena free fire?

You can claim so many characters by gold instead of a diamond.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

How many days later special airdrop will come in free fire

Recently Garena free fire complete 1BILLION download in the google play store.

How many days later special airdrop will come in free fire -

Garena free fire gives a special airdrop every 24 hours later. But many of them are useless.
But Rs 29 Airdrop comes once or twice a month based on the user's activities.

If you play the game regularly or doing a Top-up then you have a low chance to get a special airdrop once a month. 

Rs 10 special airdrop gives to the new players, who just start playing free fire.

This is the first battle royal game to achieve this milestone. To celebrate this moment garena free fire gives 1 free reward to his players. After OB update

You can claim 1 free reward out of these 4 rewards.

  • Time gap between special airdrop in free fire -  Most of the time 24 Hours gap.

  • How will get legendary emotes in special offer in free fire - In a special airdrop you will receive 300 diamond and 2 free emotes or free gun skin.

  • Why Do not purchase a special airdrop in the free fire? - special airdrop is so costly. You need to spend money from your bank accounts.
  • How can I buy a special airdrop x5 times in the free-fire - you couldn't buy a special airdrop x5 times in the free fire.
  • My special airdrop is closed in the free-fire now how can I get it back by Settings - if your special airdrop time went I mean 24-hour gone then you couldn't get this back now. But in the future, you get a better offer.
  • Is a special airdrop in free fire considered as a top-up? - NO

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Who is Gyan Gaming ? Gyan Gaming Profile , Guild

Who is Gyan gaming?

Gyan gaming was India’s top Gaming content creators, and he regularly makes video and live around Garena Free Fire on YouTube.

Now he has 10.9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he streams and uploads videos.

What is the real name of Gyan Gaming?

Real name of Gyan Gaming is Sujan Roy Mistri

Who is the owner of Gyan Gaming?

Sujan Roy Mistri is owner of Gyan Gaming.

Who is Gyan Sujan?

Gyan gaming in game I'd ( uid) in free Fire is Gyan Sujan.

Gyan Gaming home - West Bengal Barasat.

Gyan Gaming UID number - 70393167

Gyan Gaming guild name - GYANGAMING gg - 

Life time stats  -

Gyan Gaming has played 18387 squad games and has managed to secure a total of 6594 first-place finishes, which leads to a win percentage of 35.86%. With a K/D ratio of 5.49, he has 64735 kill .

He played 2173 duo matches and win 504 matches. maintaining a win rate of 23.19%. He has accumulated 5933 kills, upholding a K/D ratio of 3.55.

The content creator has play 1393 solo games and has won 159 of those games, resulting in a win ratio of 11.41%. He has 2345 kills with a K/D ratio of 1.90

Ranked Stats -

Gyan Gaming has play  100 squad matches in the current season and has been win on 28 occasions resulting in a win rate of 28.00%. With 490 kills, he has a K/D ratio of 6.81.

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Thursday, July 22, 2021

How to get Free Gloo Wall Skin Through Jai's Farewell web event

How to get Free Gloo Wall Skin Through Jai's Farewell web even
Free Gloo Wall Skin(image via freefire)

Free Gloo Wall Skin

Event date - 19th July - 25th July.

Step 1- Play mathes, complete daily mission and collect normal magazine token.

Normal Magazines

Step 2 - Exchange Reward

Justice Fighter Gloo Wall - 18 normal magazines and 1 golden magazine

If want to buy any Gloo Wall Skin from Store, Most of the time Gloo Wall are too expensive. You need to spend lack of Daimond to get them , this is the best time to get free Gloo Wall Skin. New top up event

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

What's New In Free Fire McLaren collaboration

Free Fire x McLaren collaboration : a new look, new items, and amazing new car skin!

The free fire McLaren collaboration brings some exciting collection in game - a new look, new items, and amazing new car skins

Get ready to dominate the game and ace the field in free fire with all of these limited edition collection. Which item are you most excited about.

Free Fire x McLaren collaboration