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Monday, November 8, 2021

Booyah Wish Event Date Announced, booyah Day Event Calendar

The last 5 to 10 days are more special for the free fire players, just because Garena free fire gave so many free items to the players In the game, to celebrate Diwali.

Currently, Dewali Event still going, but what next, Booyah Wish event Come after the dewali party event. 

Booyah day event lunch today in our game upcoming changes in our game -

1. Drop skin change to booyah theme
2. Aeroplane skin change to booyah 
3. Airship skin change to booyah theme.

Booyah Day Event

Skin Change - 8 November to 25 November.
Booyah day event - 12 November to 29 November.
Booyah shoot- 18 November to 28 November.

Booyah Wish event Date

Booyah Wish event Date

Booyah Wish event Come in India server on 10 November and end on 16 November 2021.

Booyah Wish event Item

1. Booyah emote - last time this emote give all the free fire players for 30 days, who've participated in the clash squad tournament in the game, 

2. Booyah Gloo wall 
3. Power of booyah bundle
4. booyah day Aug Gun Skin - Accuracy (++)
                                                     Damage. ( + )
                                                   Reload speed (-)

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Garerna Free Fire has one of the most popular battle royale game in mobile industry. Free Fire's developer's introduced so many new events every day. Recently they lunch new Top up event.

Now Garena give back the most popular and demanding evo gun in free fire history 'Blue Flame Draco' 

All the free fire players vote for it, blue flame Draco' ak is Evo gun, you have to use some token to level up this gun skin to use his max ability.

New M1887 Skin

Dewali All Stars Tournament

How to get Blue Flame Draco'Ak-

This time blue flame Draco'ak come in fadded wheel event. This event is most popular for the free fire players, because in this event we don't need to spend so many Daimond.

You have to spin maximum 1000 Daimond to get this blue flame Draco'ak from faded wheel, most of the fadded wheel are same.

I wish all players try to own the blue flame Draco' ak but this time it gets easy to get this most powerful assault rifle in free fire.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

New M1887 Golden Glare 1 Spin Trick 5 Legend Token

Garena Free Fire last time lunch one punch man special M1887 Shotgun Skin, Today they lunch another better M1887 Shotgun Skin.

Garena always lunch new events to better gaming experience, but gun skin make a big impact on gameplay, that's why all the players try to owned this best M1887 Gun skin.

M1887 Golden Glare Ability-

New M1887 Golden Glare 1 Spin Trick 5 Legend Token
M1887 Golden Glare skin

Rate Of Fire  ++
Range  +
Reload Speed  -

As we expect this M1887 Golden Glare shotgun come in Tokentower event. Most of the players don't like this token tower event, because this event consume lots of Daimond.

How To Get This M1887 Golden Glare skin-

To get this most powerful shotgun skin in free fire, you have spin on token tower event and collect 5 legend token to get this New M1887 gun skin.

Step By Step Process To Get This New M1887 Gun skin-

Step 1- Open free fire next click on luck royal section and select token tower.

Step 2 - Now you have to spin, 1spin 20 Daimond, 5 spin 90 Daimond.

Step 3 -  You have to spin and collect 5 legend token to claim this new M1887 gun skin.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Dewali Event Calendar Garena Free Fire Give Free Magic Cube

Garena free fire's popularity on its peak, currently Free Fire X Venom Event has started from there you can get so many free items like bike skin, Bundle, backpack and so much.

After the end of the free-fire x Venom event-free fire lunch the Dewali special events, all the players get lots of free costumes, gun skin, pet, magic cube and much more.

Free Fire Dewali Event Calendar

Dewali Event Date - 25 October - 11 November 2021

Dewali Event Calendar Garena Free Fire Give This Free Itam
Dewali Event Calendar

Lone Wolf Mode (25 Oct)

We all play this lone Wolf Mode last time, this time this mode come back to our game for 11 days, this mode is not so popular.

Charge The Portal To Come Home

Ability - Damage +
                Rate of Fire ++
                Accuracy -
In this event, all the players have to charge the portal given by Garena Free Fire to come home, then claim this free ump and legendary famous skin for free.

Pick Your Own Diwali Hamper

We are all able to claim this awesome bat skin for free after the end of October month. So be patient and focus to improve your gameplay.

Rang De Rangoli

You can easily complete this Rang de Rangoli event and able to claim this awesome gangster bundle for free in November month.

Countdown To Diwali

4 November is special for this event, all the players get the aug gun to create and weapon royal voucher and a good looking surfboard for free 

Free Magic Cube

On 4th November all the free fire players get one Magic Cube for free, most of the players wait for this moment, because last year at Dewali all the most rear free fire bundles are back in the magic cube, this year has a great chance to back magic cube dress on November month.

Dewali Party Emote

Free emote is the rarest item that we get this time, I can't remind when last time we get free emotes. Free Namaste Emote on 4th November.

After party Gifts

After party Gifts are not popular, this time all the players collect some tokens and exchange them to free craft land custom cards, scar gun create and M4A1 Gun create and some gold royal vouchers for free.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Free Fire X Venom Event Free Item List

Garena free fire lunch another new event with collaboration with venom 2. Free fire has huge fan base that's why free fire's developer comeup with a new events every day.

Most of the event consume lots of Daimond but in this venom collaboration, give us a brand new male bundle for free.

Free Fire X Venom Event Free Item

The Following item have been added to free fire

Event Calendar

Free Fire X Venom Event Free Item
Free Fire X Venom Collaboration Event Calendar
This event starts from 10 October but it's peak date is 16 Oct to 24 October.

Chaos Quest

Free Fire X Venom Event Free Item List
Collect Carnage token To get this bundle

All the players get this venom streetwear bundle for free, they have to collect 15 Carnage token by completing this missions.

Fight With Venom Reward(16Oct)

Free Fire X Venom Event Free Item List
Fight With Venom Reward

You have to play game for 60 minutes to claim this helmet, this helmet design based on venom movie theme.

Don't miss this opportunity to get this beautiful helmet for free, just open the game on 16 Oct and play game for 60 minutes.

Login Now Reward

Free Fire X Venom Event Free Item List
Login on 16 Oct to get this backpack for free

All the free fire player's get this beautiful backpack for free, you have to do just logged into the game on 16 Oct and boom,

Free Fire luch some more events in the upcoming days where all players get a free bike skin, so follow us to get all updates.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Free fire Password moco di ff angka

Garena free fire complete their 4th anniversary celebration and now lunch new Moco password event for the players.

In the Moco password event here players have to play puzzle game and enter the DOOR  as a password.

In the next screen you have to enter a password between 1-10 to enter on the Moco box. 

Here’s a quick guide for moco passwordWatch this video to know you to complete the free fire password moco di ff new puzzle event.

Password moco ff

Step 1: The first task required players to dodge obstacles until they reach the lab.

douge the obstacles Step 2: The letters D-O-O-R have to be entered as a moco password.

enter D-O-O-R as a password

Step 3: To obtain the password, you have to click on the power icon and then enter the exact same numbers to continue.

Step 4: In the final task, gamers are asked to enter an authorization code. All that they require to do is enter the engka “HELLOWORLD” into the text field

moco password event

The Moco Puzzle will be completed with this, and after that, players can claim the two rewards - the Moco Month Banner and the Turquoise Warning Avatar.

cual es la contraseƱa de moco de free fire here

In this free online Moco password, Moco door open event you can get so many new rewards for free, so must participate in this Moco passGarena free fire menyelesaikan perayaan ulang tahun ke-4 mereka dan sekarang makan siang acara kata sandi Moco baru untuk para pemain.

Dalam event Moco password disini pemain harus memainkan game puzzle dan memasukkan PINTU sebagai password.

Free Fire OB30 Memperbarui fitur baru
Formulir Lengkap Pembaruan OB Api Gratis
Free Fire Berikutnya Senjata Royal
Di layar berikutnya Anda harus memasukkan kata sandi antara 1-10 untuk masuk ke kotak Moco. 

Berikut panduan singkat untuk kata sandi mocoTonton video ini untuk mengetahui Anda menyelesaikan acara teka-teki baru kata sandi free fire moco di ff.

Kata sandi moco ff

Langkah 1: Tugas pertama mengharuskan pemain untuk menghindari rintangan sampai mereka mencapai lab.
Langkah 2: Huruf PINTU harus dimasukkan sebagai kata sandi moco.

Langkah 3: Untuk mendapatkan kata sandi, Anda harus mengklik ikon daya dan kemudian memasukkan angka yang sama persis untuk melanjutkan.

Langkah 4: Pada tugas akhir, gamer diminta untuk memasukkan kode otorisasi. Yang perlu mereka lakukan hanyalah memasukkan "HELLOWORLD" ke dalam kolom teks

Teka-teki Moco akan diselesaikan dengan ini, dan setelah itu, pemain dapat mengklaim dua hadiah - Spanduk Bulan Moco dan Avatar Peringatan Turquoise.

apa kata sandi ingus free fire di sini

Dalam kata sandi Moco online gratis ini, acara buka pintu Moco Anda bisa mendapatkan begitu banyak hadiah baru secara gratis, jadi harus berpartisipasi dalam Moco pass ini

Sunday, August 29, 2021

In The Current Cs Mode What Is The Correct Price Of Desert Eagle?

Free Fire 4th anniversary quiz event in the last stage, which started on 20 August. It requires users to answer some simple questions relating to the game daily to earn a variety of rewards.

This is the last chance to submit your answer and claim the ultimate reward. Today's question is In The Current CS Mode What Is The Correct Price Of Desert Eagle?

There is a milestone of 5 rewards, if you submit the wrong answer don't worry the developer made an option, you get 3 extra chances by completing the extra chance mission. Free Fire 4th Anniversary Quiz Answer

In The Current Cs Mode What Is The Correct Price Of Desert Eagle?

1) 600
2) 700
3) 800
4) 900

The correct answer is 800.

Desert you received a random loadout after successfully submit the correct answer.

Desert Eagle is a Pistol type weapon in the free fire, it runs with HG Ammo. The weapon has a damage of 90 and a medium rate of fire and a high accuracy. The weapon is good for Long Range, especially for one-tapheadshotst.

Desert eagle was the most famous gun in the pistol slot because it has accuracy with damage. Most of the pro players use it for long-range especially one-tap headshots.

today's question is In The Current CS Mode, What Is The Correct Price Of Desert Eagle? I know most of the players play with this gun but don't know the price of this gun in ca mode. The price of a desert eagle in cs mode is 800.

Must read - free fire next rank season 23 stats date and more rewards

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

What Was The Weapon With The Most Kills In Free Fire In The Past Year

Free fire 4th-anniversary events give all the players some free rewards like Thiva character, Backpack, etc.

The Quiz event Started on 20th August, where you have to answer some questions daily. Most kill weapon in free fire.

Interestingly, even if you give the wrong answer then you get extra chances by completing daily missions.

Free Fire 4th Anniversary Quiz Answer - 

The free fire 4th-anniversary quiz questions for 24th August is here

Q: What Was The Weapon With The Most Kills In Free Fire In The Past Year?

Option for the players are listed below:
1) AK47
2) MP40
3) UMP
4) AWM

The Correct Answer is MP40

While MR. WAGGOR was the winner for the most carried pet in the free fire.
Players will get a 4th anniversary Pin if they have answered the previous 4 answers correctly. follow these steps to answer the question and collect the rewards.

Step 1: You have to open the 4th-anniversary party interface by tapping on the icon in the top right corner.

Step 2: Next you have to select the anniversary quiz section.

Step 3: After answering MP40 for today's question, you received a reward at random.

Step 4: Obtain the grand prize by click on the milestone reward on the right-hand side.

MP40 In Free Fire

Players did most kills weapon in free fire in the past year with MP40 for its amazing rate of fire and damage dilling ability, MP40 is easily available on the map that's why MP40 is the correct answer.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Which Pet Was Carried By Players The Most In The Past Year In Free Fire

Garena free fire is one of the most popular battle royal mobile games, recently free fire is complete 1 BILLION downloads in the Google play store. Its developers launch new in-game pets after OB Update, all the developers made some brand new changes for the players.

In free fire total of 16 pets at present, you can buy them and use those pets in the battle royal to enhance your gameplay using the skills of these pets.

Garena free fire celebrate their 4th-anniversary party and lunch so many new events like the anniversary quiz, to complete this event you have to answer some easy questions daily, if you give the right answer

Rewards you get - 

1- answer: 1x Gold Royale Voucher.
2- answers 3x Party Animal Weapon Loot. Crate
3- answers: 3x Pet Food.
4- answers: Crimson Neon parachute.

5- answers: 4th Anniversary Pin.

Today's question is - 

Q- Which Pet Was Carried By Players The Most In The Past Year In Free Fire?



Answer - MR. WAGGOR.

Here we will share tomorrow questions answer,so that you can claim the parachute and 4th anniversary special pin.
You can Get Extra Chances if you submit the wrong answer today. There are 4 options for the question what is the Theme Song For The 4th anniversary of free Fire.

No 1 pet in free fire| which pet is best in free fire 2020 | Which is the best pet in free fire in 2021 - MR. WAGGOR.

How To Get Extra Chances- 

If Click on wrong answers, no problem-free fire gives you another 3 chances to select the right answer.
Step 1 - Go to the Daily Quiz Page
Step 2 - Select the GET ANSWER CHANCE option.
Step 3 - Now you have to play 1 match with your friends in any mode.
Step 4 - After completing the match again click on the GET ANSWER CHANCE option and claim your Chance.
Step 5 - Select The Right Answer REUNION.

What Happen If You Used All Chance And Your Answer Still Wrong - 

You have to wait till tomorrow's questions, If You Used All Chance And Your Answer is Still Wrong, but you are still eligible to get all the rewards, you have to wait for the next question.

Free Fire TRAP bundle Elite Pass August 2021

How To Buy All Pet For Free - 

Step 1 - After joining the lobby click on the store on the top left side of the screen.
Step 2 -  you can see a banner of a 70% discount on all pets.
Step 3 - Chose your favorite pet and click on buy.

Which is the most used PET in free fire - 

Garena lunch 1 pet after every OB Update, that's why so many pet in the game. Now I tell you which one is best for you.
1. If you need so many gloo walls then MR, WAGGOR is best for you, it gives 2 gloo walls for free.
2. If you use so many grenades then you have to buy Beaston. 
3. If you play so many full maps matches then Falco pet helps you and also your teammates with jumping from the plane.
How Many Pets Are In Free Fire|FF- 
There are 16 pets in garena free fire Right now.

What Is The Latest Pets In Free Fire- 

Dr. Beanie is the new pet after OB29 Update.
Skills - When you are in the Crouch position movement speed increases by 60%.

Why Pets are a Great Companion for You -

When you open the game and select a pet for the battle royal match, it helps you through his skills, you can upgrade their skill level 1 - 3. By giving some pet food.

Which Pet Was Carried By Players The Most In The Past Year In Free Fire?

Last year free fire lunch this pet name MR. WAGGOR, the ability of the pet is too good, that's why most of the players use this pet and make it popular.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Which Character Was Carried By Players The Most In The Past Year In Free Fire

Free Fire was the most popular battle royale mobile game all over the world. Recently Garena free fire complete 1 billion downloads in Google Play Store. Now free Fire celebrates its 4th anniversary by giving some free rewards for its users.
Alok character was carried by players

Free Fire is a mobile battle royale game that is so popular with millions of active players worldwide. This is a shooting game that you can play together with your friends online. In this game, there are many features that you can use to help you win the game.

Which Character Was Carried By Players The Most In The Past Year In Free Fire?

Answer - DJ ALOK.

karakter Apa yang paling banyak dipakai pemain Dalam setahun terakhir di free fire?

2. KLA

Answer - ALOK.

Steps you can follow how to submit the answer and claim the following rewards

1 answer: 1x Gold Royale Voucher.
2 answers 3x Party Animal Weapon Loot. Crate
3 answers: 3x Pet Food.
4 answers: Crimson Neon parachute.
5 answers: 4th Anniversary Pin.

Alok character- 

Do you really like to play garena Free Fire using Alok Character? Are you looking for the Tricks to unlock DJ Alok for Free? Well, this is the right place where I have explained every question in details.

After the launch of Alok, the Free Fire Players absolutely like to play with Alok character. People love Alok Character, not only he is good looking, but also, he has good ability. So, after doing proper research I have prepared a post with some tricks.

Free Fire Alok Character Details - 
Alok which is popularly known as DJ Alok is one of the most used Characters in the Free Fire game. Due to its ability and gaming experience, both players and YouTubers love using it.

Last year, in November month, the whole Free Fire community and players welcomed the popular Character Alok. This was the biggest collaboration of the Free Fire family.

Due to its unique ability and outstanding performance, maximum users are now using the Alok DJ Character