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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Free Fire Max Activation Code : Know Your Code

Another new feature arrived in the Closed Beta version of Free Fire Max, which is an activation code that will be needed for players to access the game.

Activation code is a 16 digits code between a combination of numbers and letters sent by Garena so that players have access to Free Fire Max and only users released by the company can have access to the game's news.

Free Fire Max Activation Code -

As per Garena's test server Rule 03, use the activation code to access Free Fire Max in 2021. There are a limited number of codes. Register to receive it.

| Free Fire Max Release date in Pakistan and India

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How will I receive the free fire max Activation Code?

Players will receive through the official website of Free Fire Max, your code is unique and linked to your account, only those chosen will have access to the Closed Beta Test version of the testing APK.

Free fire max gameplay-

In the meantime, to access the official website and check if the activation code is already available for your account, go to: ffmaxbeta.us.ff.garena.com.

What to do if you don't received the Activation Code?

Answer- The Beta version of Free Fire Max has a limited user capacity specialy YouTubes. If you do not receive the activation code, wait for a contact from Garena.

Remembering that the APK download will only be available from August 23rd in india therefore, players will be able to receive the Garena activation code from this day on.

Monday, August 30, 2021

Free Fire Max Release Date In Pakistan Server

Why free fire max better-
Because free fire max comes with max graphics, max animation effects, and better sound, next level battle Royal, the max experience will change your gaming experience. 

 Free fire max release date in Pakistan is 20th september.
Free fire max gathers huge popularity all over the world. Free fire max release date and time in Indian and Pakistan and also Bangladesh server.

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Free fire max release date in Pakistan 

Free fire max release on 20 September in Pakistan and India server, for those people who done the pre-register. If you don't complete the pre-registration then you shouldn't eligible to play free fire max release in Pakistan and India.

When will ff max release date in Pakistan

ff max release in India on 20th September for all players, After 20th September all players in India are eligible to access free fire max from Google play store.

Release Date of free fire max

The release date of free fire max is 20th September. I know all of you are very excited to play free fire max. But one question ticking in our mind-

Is your mobile support free fire max

You can download it after the free fire max release, it needs a minimum of 2GB of Ram on the phone to play after the free fire max release on 20th September in India.

Free fire max release date in Pakistan and Bangladesh

Garena confirms that free fire max will release on the Pakistan server very soon.
Also, free fire max release in Bangladesh server after 20th September as soon as possible.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Free Fire Max early access Link, More Invite More Rewards For Free In India

Is it possible in India for free fire max early access, we all know that garena officially announced that Free fire max pre Registration started REGISTER HERE to get Rewards

Some News and leaks come regarding the early access of Free Fire Max in India have sparked the interest and curiosity of many in the Free Fire community. Players are now excited to get the free fire max early access to the opportunity to play the advanced version of free fire max.

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Follow the steps to get free Fire Max Pre Registration rewards - 

Step -1 First go to to official website from here.

2 ) Turn on auto Rotate option on your phone.

3 ) Click login with your main free Fire account using Facebook or Google.

4 ) your pre Registration successful, now you are eligible to get free fire max reward.

Free fire max set a pre-registration target to get Rewards.

1 ) 5,000,000 users Get MAX RAYCHASER (buttom)

2 ) 10,000,000 users Gold Royal Voucher×2.

3 ) 10,000,000 users Max RAYCHASER ( face paint).

4 ) 15,000,000 users Cyber Max Surfboard.

5 ) 20,000,000 users Max RAYCHASER ( head).

 It has been reported by some free-fire content creators, including Gaming Aura and Two Side Gamers, that pre-registration for Free Fire Max may begin as early as 29 August 2021. FF max comes with visual delight to the players with improved graphics, animations, and numerous exclusive features.

Free Fire Max early access Link For Free In India 

Free fire max early access link or apk will be available after the Pre-registration for ff max in India has ended, Register from here. 

To get the ff max early access in India you might have to wait a little longer.

It is also possible that the developers may announce rewards for pre-registration milestones,  Previously, there were multiple incentives for inviting friends to join in the pre-registration. There is a chance that something like this might be announced for the India server as well.

You have to follow the official handle of free fire for upcoming updates on free fire max early access.


Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Free Fire Max Pre Registration , Realese Date

If you play free fire then you already know about the free fire max, this is an advanced version of the free fire game.

Garena free fire officially announced the news on their social media handle.

What Is Free Fire Max?

Free fire max was the upgrade version of free fire. Graphics are upgraded, new look, new map, and some new features are added.

All of you are already seen free fire max gameplay on youtube, all the official tournaments are live from the free-fire max app so that the viewing experience of the players is good.

Free Fire Max India Release Date -

Something we all have been waiting for, that is gonna make all of us excited. Are you guys ready?
Free fire max is coming!!!
Free Fire Max Pre-registration for India stats on 29 August 2021.

Free Fire Max Pre Registration Links - 

Garena free fire doesn't share the official site for free fire max pre-registration link or site.

What's New In Free Fire Max - 

Watch the video, some new coming in free fire max.

To play Free Fire Max, Android users need a device with 2GB of RAM and version 4.4 or higher. Meanwhile, iOS users need iPhones 6S and above to play free fire max.