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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Why mortgage rates going up or down

First of all different bank and lenders are different internet rates . Just look at the current mortgage rates chart history. Chicago mortgage can help you understand when to invest in market. Mortgage rates going up over time.

Why mortgage rates go up?

If income doesn't ride at the same rate, purchase power common people go down. Inflation causes prices of all commodities to gradually increase. That's why mortgage brokers increase the interest rate.

Inflation is inevitable so it will always play a factor in causing mortgage rates to slowly go up over time. 

Why mortgage rates going up or down

What causes mortgage rates to increase?

Mortgage rates follow the basis rules of supply and demand. Factor such as inflation, economic growth, the fed's monetary policy and the state of the bond and housing market all are come in to play.

Will the mortgage rates keep going up 2022?

Yes mortgage rates are going up in 2022. Because of supply and demand factor.

how much mortgage interest can i deduct

Home loan interest paid upto 2 lakh per year is tax deductible u/s 24, Section 80C allows deduction against principal repayment of up to Rs. 1.5 lakh every year.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Dream 11 Quiz for 10 September 2021, memorable batting moment

Who had scored 103 in India's first innings in 2011?

  1. R Dravid
  2. G Gambhir
  3. S Tendulkar
Answer - R Dravid .

Who had scored 195 in England 1st innings in 2002 at oval?

  1. M Vaughan
  2. M Butcher.
  3. N Hussain.
Answer- M Vaughan.

Who had scored 303* in India's 1st innings in 2016 in Chennai?

  1. KL Rahul.
  2. V Kholi.
  3. K Nair.
Answer - K Nair.

Who had scored 186 in England's 1st innings in 2012 at Mumbai?

  1. J Troot.
  2. K Pieterson.
  3. J Bairstow.
Answer- K Pieterson.

Who had scored 193 in India's 1st innings in 2002 at Leeds?

  1. R Dravid.
  2. V Sehwag.
  3. S Tendulkar.
Answer- S Tendulkar

Tuesday, June 15, 2021




These top 10 cryptocurrencies by value are worth analysing.

We are reading about cryptocurrency everywhere and we are intrigued to know about cryptocurrency. However, be careful when you invest in cryptocurrency as it is a highly volatile thing. After the recent hit, top cryptocurrencies is ruling the market. 

Let’s look at the top 10 Cryptocurrencies by Value in June 2021

1. Bitcoin

BTC (Bitcoin) is a decentralized cryptocurrency that works on cryptography. It operates with no central authority and is not controlled by any Central Banks. Its function on a peer to peer network, and its decentralised nature allows users to send and receive on without any intermediary.

2. Ethereum

Ethereum follows a blockchain protocol wherein the user does not need a third party for sending or receiving funds. It implements smart contract technology that enables developers to build decentralized applications on its blockchain.


USDT convert cash into digital currency to replicate the value of the coin to the price of the national currency is like the US dollar. Tether stabilizer for fridge images of the US dollar and it used as digital dollars. Tether is distributed on the Tron Omni and ETH blockchain

4. Binance

Binance coin inserts ok that fuels all operations on Binance Exchange. Binance coin was issued as an erc20 token on the ethereum blockchain but now it has moved to its mainnet chain.

5. Cardano

Cardano is an open-source public blockchain that works on a POS (proof-of-stake) algorithm. Cardano seeks to develop smart contracts to provide a higher level of security and sustainability to decentralised applications, and the cardinal is a native token of the Cortana blockchain.

6. Doge coin 

Bhoj coin is a p2p open-source cryptocurrency used to reward people on Twitter and Reddit for sharing quality content. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that are deflationary and have limited supply, dogecoin is an inflationary coin because of its unlimited supply.

7. Ripple

Xrp is the cryptocurrency used on this payment network for making cross border transactions simple and fast. with Ripple XRP, every transaction will take only 4 seconds - quicker than most other cryptocurrencies.

8. USDC 

USDC is a stable coin, pigged to the US dollar which means 1 USDC is equivalent to 1 USD. It is a digital dollar that represents government-issued money on the blockchain. USDC is issued by regulated financial institutions that hold the reserve backing USDC.

9. Polkadot

Polkadot is an open-source, fully decentralized web that AIMS facilitate a  space for independent blockchains to exchange information and transactions in a trustless way via the Polkadot relay chain.

10.  Uniswap 

Uni is the governance token for the Uniswap protocol, which is a highly decentralized financial infrastructure. Uniswap has launched uni to enable shared community ownership to enhance the growth of the protocol.