How to change phone number in pi network

How to change phone number in pi network

Hello, friends I am subhadip Mandal , 

Today so many people facing an common problem, how to change phone number in pi network. 

What is Pi Network?

Basically PI network is a crypto token mining application made by three Oxford university students,  it Is the first cryptocurrency mining application that can use from Mobile phone.  

This is the main reason why pi network become so popular in all over the world more than 35 million users.

What are the main reason to change phone number on pi network apps?

Most of the pi users want to change their register phone number because they use pi network application more than one or two years 

And their registered mobile numbers are inactive or they currently not using these restarts phone number that’s why they want to change they are still my number on Pi network application. 

What happen if your pi  network registered mobile number is not active? 

If your registered mobile number is not active then you can’t able to sell your pi coin, from my wallet after mainnet launch.

Second reason if you want to login on Pi network apps or PI browser then you can face some problem like if you forget your password then you can’t reset your PI account password.

How to change phone number in pi network?

  1. Open the Pi Network Apps.
  2. Click On 3 dot Menu on top left corner.
  3. Selecte Profile Option.
  4. Click Update option.