Saturday, May 28, 2022

How To Complete KYC In Pi Network 2022

 Like all other other cryptocurrency pi network going to lunch to market in the next six months.

It’s a very good news for all pioneers who mining pi for long time, it’s time to get rewarded to all pioneers. 

How To Complete KYC In Pi Network:

Step 1- Download Pi Browser Apps.

Step 2- Create A Pi Wallet.

Step 3- Confirm Your Pi Wallet.

Step 4- Commit To lockup Configuration.

Step 5- Submit Your KYC Application.

Step 6- Wait For KYC Result.

Step 7- Invite Your Teams To Complete KYC to transfer More pi

How to get KYC Slot-

Currently pi core team selecte random pioneers to complete their KYC on pi network, this slot section done randomly, you have wait some time to get your slot to complete KYC on pi network apps, 

This a slot last for only  15 minutes if you unable to complete your KYC within 15 minutes then this slot give some other pioneers,

In this case your have to wait some more time to get KYC slot again.

Which Document Needs To complete PI network KYC-

 For Indian citizens you have to submit AADHAR Card , or PAN Card etc.

Currently enclosed main net running after magority of pioneers complete the KYC open main net will open for all users, then we can sell our real pi on the market.

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