Saturday, January 15, 2022

How To Get Pink Wink Gloowall Skin In SpaceSpeaker Top Up Event

Another New Top Up Event comes with a brand new Gloowall Skin named  Pink Wink Gloowall Skin.

So many free fire gamers wait to get this good looking gloowall skin, but this Pink Wing Gloowall Skin is so expensive.

Space Speaker Top Up Event Rewards-

Top up 100 Daimond Get- HIPHOP FACE PAN.
Top up 500 Daimond Get- PINK WINK GLOOWALL.

Space Speaker Top Up Event Date-

15th January to 21th January 2022.

How To complete this top-up event:

Follow this steps to complete this top-up event-
1. Login using your Free Fire account using Facebook or Twitter.
2. Click on calendar option on the right side.
3. Click Top Up to complete this top-up event and get this Gloowall Skin.

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