Monday, January 24, 2022

Free Fire Pro league grand final live watching rewards

 Free fire pro league Final start on 30 January, 6.00P.M  2022, live watching Rewards are revealed. You have to complete 500k live watching on the final day of Free fire pro league.

Date and time of free fire pro league final live stream:

Date,Time - 30 January 6 PM, 

Platform- Free Fire esports India YouTube channel

Milestone 300K, 400K, 500K live watching

Rewards- 3x Diamond Royal Voucher, 
                  Sprit Fox: Battle Fox,
                  OTHO Character, Spirit fox skin, Flaiming red AK Gun skin, WIGGLE WALK EMOTE

500 K live watching redeem code rewards:

If you want to get this reward Then you have to open your YouTube apps and watch the free fire pro league grand final live watching and complete the target of 500 K live watching to claim your rewards, 

When the free fire pro league grand final redeem code was published you can get the redeem code through our website

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