Thursday, January 20, 2022

Free Fire Clash Squad Rank Season 11, Date And Time

 Free Fire Clash Squad Rank Season 11, Date And Time, free fire clash squad rank new season date is 20th January 2022, 2.30P.M.

Free Fire Clash Squad New Season 11  Date And Time :

New Clash Squad Rank Season 11 starts At 2.30 PM, 20th January.

When CS Rank Open Today:

Today CS Rank not starts because new Rank starts today at 2.30 P.M that’s why all the free fire players not able to play CS Rank today.

What’s New In CS Rank Season 11-

1. One New Map added in CS Rank this season Name ALPINE, so many changes done on the old map Bermuda. 

2. Katulistua and shiffierd map Changes new House added.

CS Rank Season 11 Rewards:

Free SKS Skin.
Banner, Avater
Free Craftland Room Card, On 21 January.

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