Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Free Fire New Age Event Calendar and Free rewards 2021-22

 After the end of money heist event new winter special events starts from 17 December, as we all know new event means so many free reward.

This event theme based on winter season, that's why so many reward winter based, you have to collect match drop to exchange them into Reward.

New Age Event Calendar:

This new age event starts from 17 December, 

New Age And Map & After match drop:

This event starts from 17 December to 9 January.

How to complete Play Till The Rising Day event-

You have to play games between 20-26 December so that you can claim a free bat skin .

Friends United event-

In this special events we all get a free Backpack Skin and a Free Loot Box.

New Lone Wolf Rank Mode :

Just like CS Rank and BR Rank a new rank mode lunch in Garena Free Fire name Lone Wolf Rank, in this mode you can play 1 vs 1 with opponent.

The Rising Day:

On 25th December this event has celebrate in free Fire.

New Age Is Coming:

New Age is coming in Garena Free Fire on 26 December 2021,

Countdown to new age:

You get 1 craftland custom room card in this countdown to new age Event.

New Age Day Login:

New Yeti Pet given to all the free fire players, you have to just logged in the game on 1 January, 2022.

Magic Cube Fragments Drop:

On 1 January all the players get free Magic Cube Fragments Drop, after the match 

Game With Friends:

On 1st January you have to play games with your friends to get wagger pet skin for free.

New Age is Here:

In this event you get a pan skin for free with a gun create.

New Beginning and play with friends:

Get a special loot Box and so many gift from garena Free Fire, 

So follow us to get Free Fire related upcoming events updates.

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