Monday, November 8, 2021

Booyah Wish Event Date Announced, booyah Day Event Calendar

The last 5 to 10 days are more special for the free fire players, just because Garena free fire gave so many free items to the players In the game, to celebrate Diwali.

Currently, Dewali Event still going, but what next, Booyah Wish event Come after the dewali party event. 

Booyah day event lunch today in our game upcoming changes in our game -

1. Drop skin change to booyah theme
2. Aeroplane skin change to booyah 
3. Airship skin change to booyah theme.

Booyah Day Event

Skin Change - 8 November to 25 November.
Booyah day event - 12 November to 29 November.
Booyah shoot- 18 November to 28 November.

Booyah Wish event Date

Booyah Wish event Date

Booyah Wish event Come in India server on 10 November and end on 16 November 2021.

Booyah Wish event Item

1. Booyah emote - last time this emote give all the free fire players for 30 days, who've participated in the clash squad tournament in the game, 

2. Booyah Gloo wall 
3. Power of booyah bundle
4. booyah day Aug Gun Skin - Accuracy (++)
                                                     Damage. ( + )
                                                   Reload speed (-)

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