Next Gold Royale Free Fire 2021

Next Gold Royale Free Fire 2021

Garena free fire one of the most popular battle royale game under Mobile industry. This game gane huge popularity in india under 2 years. All the young generation who plays garena free fire they all are very excited to play this game because this game gave them happyness.

Garena free fire introduced any events or gun skin that make this game interesting day by day. Some of the event is Gold Royale this event is so popular event in garena free fire.

What is Gold Royale?

Gold royale is a most popular and demanding luck Royal type event that introduced by garena employees, this type of luck royal make this game popular, you can spin in gold royale and win some interesting prizes, that includes an grand prize that's attract all players to try their luck on gold royale.

When Gold Royale Come?

Basically Gold Royale is a most demanding event in garena Free Fire, but gold royale come or updated once in every 2 month, later in free Fire so that the hype of this event are same.

Next Gold Royale Free Fire

These bundle is most demanding and hyped create bundle in free fire. This bundle come to free Fire after OB31 Update. Next Gold royale free fire is black bundle.

Top 5 best gold royale bundle?

My favourite gold royale bundle is dunk Master bundle is the best gold royale bundle in free fire history.

Dunk Master Gold Royale-

This is the most voted bundle in free fire official facebook fan page, last time free fire player voter for these 3 bundle, these dunk Master bundle was no 1 bundle in free Fire.

Quarterback Gold royale-

Quarterback Gold royale bundle is no 2 bundle in this list, this bundle also back again in free fire gold royale just for 24 hours .

Motorcyclist Gold Royale-

I got this motorcyclist Gold royale bundle 2 or 3 times because I don't like these bundle, and I lost all my gold to get these 3 bundle.
Comments below what is your favourite gold royale bundle in free history.

Next Gold Royale Free Fire 2021
Best gold royale bundle in free fire

How to spin on gold royale

If you want to try your luck on gold royale then you have follow this steps-
1. After open the game click on luck royal, on the left side of your screen. Next select gold royale.
2. You have to click on spin button, 
3. You get your prize Direct on your game vault.

How To Get Free Gold Royale Voucher

You have need 300 Gold Or 1 Gold royale voucher to spin on gold royale, if you r a biggener then you don't have huge gold to spin in gold royale, you have another option to spin gold royale using gold royale voucher, 
1. Join any guild to get free gold royale voucher.
2. Daily log in to get a free spin gold royale.
3. Complete missions to get free gold royale voucher.
4. Garena lunch some event every week follow this event and complete them to get free gold royale voucher.

Season 1-all gold royale bundle-