Saturday, October 23, 2021

Garerna Free Fire has one of the most popular battle royale game in mobile industry. Free Fire's developer's introduced so many new events every day. Recently they lunch new Top up event.

Now Garena give back the most popular and demanding evo gun in free fire history 'Blue Flame Draco' 

All the free fire players vote for it, blue flame Draco' ak is Evo gun, you have to use some token to level up this gun skin to use his max ability.

New M1887 Skin

Dewali All Stars Tournament

How to get Blue Flame Draco'Ak-

This time blue flame Draco'ak come in fadded wheel event. This event is most popular for the free fire players, because in this event we don't need to spend so many Daimond.

You have to spin maximum 1000 Daimond to get this blue flame Draco'ak from faded wheel, most of the fadded wheel are same.

I wish all players try to own the blue flame Draco' ak but this time it gets easy to get this most powerful assault rifle in free fire.

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