Friday, September 3, 2021

IPL players and teams related hidden questions

1)Is there any update on 10 teams in IPL 2022?

Instead of an 8-team round-robin format, IPL Is there any update on 10 teams in IPL 2022?

2022 will be played in two groups of five teams each.

2) Is it good to buy IPL shares now?

It's totally depends on your financial future.

3) How to use booster in IPL fantasy league?

You have an option to select 11 players team select an captain 2x booster and a vice captain 1.5x booster.

4) Can Sreesanth get a chance to comeback in IPL 2021 in UAE?

In IPL 2021 in UAE Sreesanth not get a chance.

5) Number of sixes hit by DC in IPL 2021?

Total 32 sixes hit by DC in first half of 2021.

6) To whom IPL 2021 trophy will be given if IPL got cancelled?

If ipl got cancelled no one get the trophy.

7) IPL player Yasmin full name?

Yasmin Daswani
Born: September 21, 1994, England
Current age: 26 Years, 11 Months, 14 Days.

8) Which wicket keeper not done stumping in IPL 2021?

Dinesh Karthik not done any stamping in IPL 2021.

9) How many sixes hit by Dhoni in IPL 2021?

Dhoni hit 1 six and 4 Fours in IPL 2021 first half.

10) IPL players who gave the money to corona viruses Fund?

Official news here.

11) How many times has IPL been suspended till now?

3 times.

12) IPL will suspended half IPL is over next half start on which date which Month?

19th September IPL next half start.

13) Please predict who won the IPL 2021?

As per point table MI.

14) How many times Mi won the IPL match of 2021?

Mi won 4 matches out of 7 match they played.

15) 3 successful batsman of RCB in IPL 2021

Maxwell, AB De Villiers, Virat Kohli.

16) How many catches catch by AB de Villiers in IPL 2021?

Total 8 catches caught by AB De Villiers in 2021.

17) How many time beat Deepak Chahar to Virat Kohli in IPL?

As of now, Virat Kohli has managed to score 58 runs off 44 balls by Deepak Chahar, while Deepak Chahar has dismissed him 1 time.

18) Total number of all outs by a team in IPL?

RCB has most all outs by a team.

19) How many players play IPL 2008 to 2021 countiouns?

Total 24 players play IPL continue.

20) Most wicket in IPL as a captain?

Bhuvneshwar Kumar (136 IPL wickets in 121 matches)

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