Free Fire Advanced Server OB30 Updates New Elite Characters

Free Fire Advanced Server OB30 Updates New Elite Characters

Free Fire advance server OB30 update Registration starts from 2nd September, server open from 9th September 2021. It might bring two new characters, a new pet, new mechanisms, and clash squad rank season 9 reward - The Golden M4A1. If you are a true enthusiast and want to know about the upcoming features in detail, check out the leaks here.

Free Fire OB30 New Characters - 

Elite character

1) Name - Leon 

Occupation - Young basketball Star.

Ability - Recover HP after engaging in combat.

2) Name - Hasen

Occupation - Student at the Polytechnic Institute. His specialty is memory technology.

Ability - It forms a memory fog when an enemy is eliminated. Revealing the position of another nearby enemy.

Chrono microchip, microchip k, Jai microchip

Use to level up the character's ability microchip pieces (Chrono) microchip pieces (K) microchip (Jai) 

LBFF theme item

LBFF banner

LBFF Avatar

LBFF skyboard 

Weekly/monthly VIPs can enjoy an abundance of immediate and daily rewards. In-store discount items and another premium privilege.

The weekly VIPs are valid for 7days and the monthly VIP is valid for 30 days. Can be redeemed every day within the validity of the VIP membership. If you logged in but lost the day's reward check you can redeem it within 7 days by mail.

November and December months elite passes theme - 

EP 42 Devil Dragon.

EP 43 Ace Poker.

Free Fire Leon new characters arrive in booyah event 

Universal EP Badge - New item to get wild badges. Which can be used in the current or the future pass