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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Flipkart Power Play With Champions Quiz answer Today 23 September

Participate in Flipkart Power with champion quiz for season 2. You have to answer 6 questions correctly and get a chance to win assured prizes of smartphone, super coin, Flipkart voucher and other exciting prizes.

Flipkart Power Play With Champions Quiz answer season 2-


1. Will Trent Boult Take a wicket in powerplay?

Answer- Yes.

2. Who Will Concede less runs?


3. How many Indians are trading crypto on coin switch Kuber?

Answer- 1 Core

4. Who will Concede more runs?

Answer- S Yadav

5. How many runs will Mumbai score in powerplay?

Answer- 47

6. Who will win this match?

Answer- Mumbai

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