Sunday, September 5, 2021

FF Squad Beta : How To Create Your Team And Coach

How to make a squad in FF Squad Beta

Step 1 - Manage Your team In FF Squad.

Step 2- Choose your favorite players and coach to make up your team.

Step 3- Calculate the value and performance of the players so that they fit your value.

Step 4- Confirm the squad you selected and follow your performance in LBFF lives.

Step 5- After the week You will receive points based on the performance of your squad.

Step 6 - Wait for the market to open and choose a team for next week.

About FF SQUAD -

FF SQUAD is a Fantasy game. which those who are following the LBFF score more. See the players who are standing out and climb to your team. The actual performance of the players is what will generate the statistics, bringing points to your lineup!

You can choose players and coaches from any of the participating LBFF teams, but you need to be aware of the total value of your wallet: players have different values ​​from each other depending on their performance during the LBFF.

It's up to you to decide the best squad strategy for each LBFF round. But stay tuned for when the market is open: as soon as it closes, it will no longer be possible to call up teams for the next round and you will not score points. Choose your favorite professional players and build the perfect squad.

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