Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Dream 11 Qwiz Answer 15th September

The final of HERO CPL T20 will happen tonight before the final showdown dream11 take quiz with a prize pool of 5 lakh.

Only the first 20000 user's who get all 5 questions right will win a 50% discount coupon up to INR 25 each.

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  1. Which batsman has scored the most run (420) in the hero cpl t20 season so far?

1. R Chase.

2. E Lewis.

3. F Du Plessis

Answer- E Lewis.

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2. Which patriots bowler has taken the most wicket (15) in the hero cpl t20 season so far?

1. DJ Bravo.

2. D Drakes.

3. F Ahmed.

Answer- D Drakes.

3. What is saint Lusia kings highest total in this season of hero cpl t20 so far?

1. 220/2

2. 222/2

3. 224/2

Answer- 224/2.

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4. Which patriots pair has the highest partnership (115 runs ) in the hero cpl t20 season so far?

1. S Rutherford-Dj Bravo.

2. DJ Bravo - E Lewis.

3. E Lewis - S Rutherford.

Answer- S Rutherford-Dj Bravo.

5. Kings and patriots have faced each other twice in the tournament already which team has own both of these matches?

1. Saint Lucia kings.

2. St Kitts and Nevis patriots.

Answer - Saint Lucia kings.

Dream 11 quiz answers

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