Free Fire Max Activation Code : Know Your Code

Free Fire Max Activation Code : Know Your Code

Another new feature arrived in the Closed Beta version of Free Fire Max, which is an activation code that will be needed for players to access the game.

Activation code is a 16 digits code between a combination of numbers and letters sent by Garena so that players have access to Free Fire Max and only users released by the company can have access to the game's news.

Free Fire Max Activation Code -

As per Garena's test server Rule 03, use the activation code to access Free Fire Max in 2021. There are a limited number of codes. Register to receive it.

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How will I receive the free fire max Activation Code?

Players will receive through the official website of Free Fire Max, your code is unique and linked to your account, only those chosen will have access to the Closed Beta Test version of the testing APK.

Free fire max gameplay-

In the meantime, to access the official website and check if the activation code is already available for your account, go to:

What to do if you don't received the Activation Code?

Answer- The Beta version of Free Fire Max has a limited user capacity specialy YouTubes. If you do not receive the activation code, wait for a contact from Garena.

Remembering that the APK download will only be available from August 23rd in india therefore, players will be able to receive the Garena activation code from this day on.