Friday, August 20, 2021

who is dj collaborating with free fire : Happy birthday free Fire New mode

Garena free fire is one of the most downloaded games in the Play Store, recently free fire complete 1 billion downloads in Google Play Store.

Garena free fire celebrates its 4th anniversary by Launch so many events for its players.

The main date of the 4th anniversary is 28 August. But all the events are starting from today. New game mode lunch especially for today's happy birthday free-fire mode.

One of the events is a quiz event here you have to answer the question every day, 1 question will be answered.

Today's question is - 

Who is DJ collaboration with free fire 

Answer -  All of the above.

Garena recently collaborated with  DVLM, ALOK, and KSHMR in the 4the anniversary event.

Happy Birthday free Fire New Game Mode- 

Today Garena free fire completes its 4th anniversary. If you select the Happy Birthday mode, you have entered a lobby where 15 players are with you and there you can see all the Free fire characters like Dimitri and Alok, KSHMR, etc, 

There you have to find K character and click a snapshot with him, if you can do this then you will get 5 tokens from the daily mission. So starts playing happy birthday free fire. 
Happy Birthday to you free fire.

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