Monday, August 23, 2021

Which Pet Was Carried By Players The Most In The Past Year In Free Fire

Garena free fire is one of the most popular battle royal mobile games, recently free fire is complete 1 BILLION downloads in the Google play store. Its developers launch new in-game pets after OB Update, all the developers made some brand new changes for the players.

In free fire total of 16 pets at present, you can buy them and use those pets in the battle royal to enhance your gameplay using the skills of these pets.

Garena free fire celebrate their 4th-anniversary party and lunch so many new events like the anniversary quiz, to complete this event you have to answer some easy questions daily, if you give the right answer

Rewards you get - 

1- answer: 1x Gold Royale Voucher.
2- answers 3x Party Animal Weapon Loot. Crate
3- answers: 3x Pet Food.
4- answers: Crimson Neon parachute.

5- answers: 4th Anniversary Pin.

Today's question is - 

Q- Which Pet Was Carried By Players The Most In The Past Year In Free Fire?



Answer - MR. WAGGOR.

Here we will share tomorrow questions answer,so that you can claim the parachute and 4th anniversary special pin.
You can Get Extra Chances if you submit the wrong answer today. There are 4 options for the question what is the Theme Song For The 4th anniversary of free Fire.

No 1 pet in free fire| which pet is best in free fire 2020 | Which is the best pet in free fire in 2021 - MR. WAGGOR.

How To Get Extra Chances- 

If Click on wrong answers, no problem-free fire gives you another 3 chances to select the right answer.
Step 1 - Go to the Daily Quiz Page
Step 2 - Select the GET ANSWER CHANCE option.
Step 3 - Now you have to play 1 match with your friends in any mode.
Step 4 - After completing the match again click on the GET ANSWER CHANCE option and claim your Chance.
Step 5 - Select The Right Answer REUNION.

What Happen If You Used All Chance And Your Answer Still Wrong - 

You have to wait till tomorrow's questions, If You Used All Chance And Your Answer is Still Wrong, but you are still eligible to get all the rewards, you have to wait for the next question.

Free Fire TRAP bundle Elite Pass August 2021

How To Buy All Pet For Free - 

Step 1 - After joining the lobby click on the store on the top left side of the screen.
Step 2 -  you can see a banner of a 70% discount on all pets.
Step 3 - Chose your favorite pet and click on buy.

Which is the most used PET in free fire - 

Garena lunch 1 pet after every OB Update, that's why so many pet in the game. Now I tell you which one is best for you.
1. If you need so many gloo walls then MR, WAGGOR is best for you, it gives 2 gloo walls for free.
2. If you use so many grenades then you have to buy Beaston. 
3. If you play so many full maps matches then Falco pet helps you and also your teammates with jumping from the plane.
How Many Pets Are In Free Fire|FF- 
There are 16 pets in garena free fire Right now.

What Is The Latest Pets In Free Fire- 

Dr. Beanie is the new pet after OB29 Update.
Skills - When you are in the Crouch position movement speed increases by 60%.

Why Pets are a Great Companion for You -

When you open the game and select a pet for the battle royal match, it helps you through his skills, you can upgrade their skill level 1 - 3. By giving some pet food.

Which Pet Was Carried By Players The Most In The Past Year In Free Fire?

Last year free fire lunch this pet name MR. WAGGOR, the ability of the pet is too good, that's why most of the players use this pet and make it popular.

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