Tuesday, August 24, 2021

What Was The Weapon With The Most Kills In Free Fire In The Past Year

Free fire 4th-anniversary events give all the players some free rewards like Thiva character, Backpack, etc.

The Quiz event Started on 20th August, where you have to answer some questions daily. Most kill weapon in free fire.

Interestingly, even if you give the wrong answer then you get extra chances by completing daily missions.

Free Fire 4th Anniversary Quiz Answer - 

The free fire 4th-anniversary quiz questions for 24th August is here

Q: What Was The Weapon With The Most Kills In Free Fire In The Past Year?

Option for the players are listed below:
1) AK47
2) MP40
3) UMP
4) AWM

The Correct Answer is MP40

While MR. WAGGOR was the winner for the most carried pet in the free fire.
Players will get a 4th anniversary Pin if they have answered the previous 4 answers correctly. follow these steps to answer the question and collect the rewards.

Step 1: You have to open the 4th-anniversary party interface by tapping on the icon in the top right corner.

Step 2: Next you have to select the anniversary quiz section.

Step 3: After answering MP40 for today's question, you received a reward at random.

Step 4: Obtain the grand prize by click on the milestone reward on the right-hand side.

MP40 In Free Fire

Players did most kills weapon in free fire in the past year with MP40 for its amazing rate of fire and damage dilling ability, MP40 is easily available on the map that's why MP40 is the correct answer.

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