Next Daimond Royal Bundle In Free Fire (August 2021) 100% Permanent Tricks

Next Daimond Royal Bundle In Free Fire (August 2021) 100% Permanent Tricks


Next Diamond Royal Dress -

Free Fire Next Diamond Royal August 2021 comes with a New Fury Tribe Bundle, Current 'RUBY BRIDE bundle' Diamond Royal end on August 18, 2021, AT 11:59:59PM IST.

And a band new male costume will be added to the next Diamond Royal ff.  

Free Fire Next Diamond Royal Bundle August 2021 - 

Upcoming Diamond Royal of August 2021 in free fire ff is scheduled to release on August 18 2021 it will bring a brand new male Bundle, the expected name is 'Night Wolf'.

How Do You Get Free Diamond In 2021 For Free Spin - 

If you want to get a free diamond in free fire, then it should be so difficult for you to survive, because garena free fire is a Pay to win game. 

Today I tell you how you can get this diamond royal bundle for free, without spending any single diamond.

Take a look at the picture on the top 🔺, you can able see that there is an option to spin by using a diamond royal voucher.

1 diamond royal. Spin cost 60 diamonds, but if you have any diamond royal voucher in your account then you can do 1 spin using these diamond royal vouchers.

How To Get Free Diamond Royal Vouchers - 

Recently free fire released the OB29 update if you updated the game, after login you can get 3 Diamond Royal Vouchers for free.

Another trick is to get free diamond royal vouchers, after update the game login and go to the store, redeem sections chose guild token.

Here, you can exchange your guild token for diamond royal vouchers. You can exchange 5 Diamond royal vouchers for 50 guild tokens.

How to get unlimited guild tokens in free fire - 

To get unlimited guild tokens in free fire you have to just join a guild, no level is required.

After that, you have to play daily 1 match with your player, after completing 1 match with your guildmates, you will be able to claim 20 guild tokens for free.

Another option to get guild tokens in free fire is just to join a guild and every time your guilds players purchase any airdrop, the first 10 people can claim 10 free guild tokens.

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About free fire Diamond Royale - 

The Diamond Royal tab is available in the luck Royal section on the game, it's accessible from the left side of the lobby, it brings a new bundle to free fire every month.

This bundle is gorgeous in that we do not get to see the letter in any other game event the only way to get them is the best-making spin in the Diamond Royale using the Diamond or diamond royal voucher. In The diamond royal section of the free fire.

1 Spin is available for either 60 diamonds or 1 Diamond Royale voucher and 10 +1 spin is available for other 500 diamonds or 10 weapons Royal vouchers.


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About free fire - 

Free Fire is a multiplayer game for Android and IOS. All the players are being dropped into a map, with 51 other players. Battle Royale of free fire is a third-person shooter where the player has to fight against 50 other players who also jumped in the same place.

Players can be killed by guns and explosives weapons, but now by melee weapons or environmental hazards.

New 2 V 2 Mode Is coming - 

In the new game mode, Battle Royale Free Fire, you are one of the 4  players on a map and it is your goal to be the last person standing.

The developers put many weapons into the game such as rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, and even grenades, and also gloo wall. During gameplay, you can buy a weapon that gives you better accuracy or bullets that deal more damage.

This introduction will explain why this game is so popular and what makes it different from other similar games.

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