How to get red custom cards in free fire?

How to get red custom cards in free fire?

Custom rooms are one of the most popular game modes in Free Fire because it provides users with an option to play with their friends using their preferred settings, including movement, HP, jump height, and most popular unlimited gloo wall.
A new red custom room card was made, it is available in the Free Fire after the OB27 update. It offers a higher level of customization and more features.

What is a red custom card in free fire?

The red custom card is introduced in the latest OB27 update of free fire. In the red custom card, you can add so many advanced settings in the custom matches.

All the players know already about the yellow custom card. you can increase or decrease the rate of things in the customs room of free fire.

Different between red custom card and yellow custom card?

In the red custom, you have an advanced settings option. You can add any gun that you want, but in the yellow custom card, you don't have any options The red custom card is different from the yellow custom card.

How to get red custom card in free fire?

In the latest OB29 update, there is no option to buy this red custom card from the store. but maybe in the upcoming days, the red custom card is available to purchase in the next update or available in the event. The red custom card is not available to use in the India server of free fire.

What is the use of the red custom cards in free fire - 

The new red custom card (Advance Room Card) provides Advance Settings only for the Clash Squad mode.

Store - The entire Clash Squad store can be customized with the number of credits required for a particular gun.

Economy: The number of credits that players will gain for any event in the match like kills, first blood, and more