Green Criminal Bundle Is Back In India Server Free fire 2021

Green Criminal Bundle Is Back In India Server Free fire 2021

Garena Free Fire is one of the most successful Android and iOS battle Royale Games of all time, including revenue and downloads.

It was the second most downloaded mobile game in the Play Store and Apps Store 2020-2021, with over 1 BILLION Download.

When Green Criminal Bundle Back -

The Green Criminal bundle is the rarest bundle in Free Fire and also red criminal which is the best criminal bundle? It's top of the list because it's unavailable.

Most of the Free Fire players make it most rare items. And this bundle is now returned to all servers and it comes to another server in the token tower event.

Green Criminal Bundle Come In Which Server -

On 12th August, in Mena Server Garena free fire back the most rearest Bundle of free fire history.
Green Criminal bundle will be back in India server soon, at the time of the 4th anniversary.

Which event has come Green criminal bundle -

This is possible because Green Criminal Bundle is back on so many servers all over the world and maybe it's come to the India server this month.

The Green Criminal Bundle is coming to the Token Tower event, also maybe it's come on a different type of event but now it's come on the Token Tower event, on the mean server.

How many Diamond Spend To Get Green Criminal Bundle -

If you want to get the Green Criminal Bundle, so you need to spend 3k to 4k diamond because this bundle is coming on the Token Tower event so you need too many diamonds to get this rear Green Criminal bundle.

How To Get Free Bundle -

I have an option for you if you don't have too many diamonds to get this green criminal bundle,

then you can try to get this free bundle at the event of 15 August and the 4th-anniversary event.