Next Weapon Royal In Free Fire 2021

Next Weapon Royal In Free Fire 2021

FF Next Weapon Royale November 2021-

New AC80 legendary skin, Current Parafel gun skin weapon Royal end on 15th January, 2022, AT 11:59:59PM IST.

It will also come with a special legendary attribute. That will help all the players in the free fire battleground to defeat the enemy. Here is the attribute of the new M4A1 gun skin coming next Weapon Royal in free fire -  


New Weapon Royal In Free Fire

 New M4A1 Gun Skin

And a new legendary gun skin will be added to the Weapon Royal. Free fire next Weapon Royal is M4A1 legendary skin with better ability.

New AC80 gun skin Ability 
Range - (++)

Magazine-  (+)

Movement Speed -  (-)

Free Fire Next Weapon Royale

After the end of this M4A1 weapon Royale on December, 2021, The next weapon Royale in free fire release on November month at midnight. For the first time, we will get to see the M4A1 Skin in the weapon royal and it is going to be amazing on looks, The new weapon Royale skin look amazing.

Upcoming Weapon Royale In Free Fire 

Garena free fire don't give anything for free, you have to spend lots of Daimond.

But another option to spin in weapon royale, free Fire occasionally give free weapon royale voucher.

After the OB31 update, once you login for the first time you can claim 5 weapon royale voucher for free.

Another way go to store and redeem section, redeem your guild token for 5 weapon royale voucher and Daimond Royal voucher for free.

By using this free weapon royale voucher you can spin and get this SPAS12 skin permanent for free.

About weapon Royal  

The weapon Royal tab is available in the luck  Royal section on the game, it's accessible from the left side of the lobby, it brings a new legendary gun skin to free fire twice a month.

This skin is unique in that we do not get to see the letter in any other game event the only way to get them is the best-making spin in the weapon Royale using the Diamond, In The weapon, royal section

1 Spin is available for either 40 diamonds or 1 weapon Royale voucher and 10 +1 spin are available for other 400 diamonds or 10 weapons Royale voucher.

what is the next weapon royale in free fire

AC 80 is the next weapon royale in free fire for October 2021.

Free Fire is a multiplayer game for Android and IOS. All the players are being dropped into a map, with 51 other players. Battle  Royale of free fire is a third-person shooter where the player has to fight against 50 other players who also jumped in the same place.

Players can be killed by bullets and explosives, but not by melee attacks or environmental hazards (assuming that they have been turned off in the settings).

what will be the next weapon royale in free fire

AC 80 becomes the next weapon royale in free fire.

In the new game mode, Battle Royale Free Fire, you are one of the 51 players on a map and it is your goal to be the last person standing.

The developers put many weapons into the game such as rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, and even grenades launcher. During gameplay, you can find weapon kits that give you guns with better accuracy or bullets that deal more damage.

This introduction will explain why this game is so popular and what makes it different from other similar games. similar to weapon royale, new Daimond Royal bundle is coming