Free Bundle And Free Emote Garena Free Fire New Event Today

Free Bundle And Free Emote Garena Free Fire New Event Today

Garena free fire lunch 2 new free rewards for the players. 

After the OB29 update garena free fire lunch so many new events, discounts for its players so that they can Maintain the hipe of the game.

Free Fire New Event Today Free bundle - 

If want to get this free bundle you have to claim some token by playing a match.

How To Get Blue Token in free fire to claim this bundle - 

You have to complete daily missions like
Kill - 3 enemy.
Booyah - 2 times in clash squad mode.
Play - 2 battle royal mode 
Play -100 Minutes.

You have to collect a total of 20 red tokens +20 red tokens.

To collect the red token you have to wait for the FREE FIRE NATIONAL FINAL on 15 August.

On 15 August you will get 20 red tokens for free. 

Once you complete collecting 20 blue tokens and 20 read token read token then you can exchange this BLUE BLASTER BUNDLE for free.

How to get Free Emote - 

Garena free fire officially announced a milestone of 200,000 Live watching on the 15th of August, FREE FIRE ESPORTS INDIA youtube channel.

If the milestone of 200,000 live watching is complete, then you will get a redeem code to get this beautiful free emote. 

How can able see this redeem code on this youtube channel after the winner announcement on the 15th of August, so don't miss this opportunity