Free fire 4th anniversary quiz answer for 22 August

Free fire 4th anniversary quiz answer for 22 August

Garena free fire complete 4 years of lunch.

To celebrate this year's free-fire lunch so many new events, which include so many free items like a dress, backpack, grenade, vouchers, etc.

This 4th-anniversary event starts from today 20th August, 28 August is the peak date of the anniversary.

One of the events is a quiz event, here you have to answer 1 question every day.

If you give the wrong answer then you have an option to get more chances, by playing 1,3,5 matches with friends.

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Free fire 4th-anniversary quiz answer for 20 August 

1. Who is the DJ collaborating with Free fire's 4th anniversary?

Answer - All of the above.

2. Which character was carried by playing the most in the past year in free fire?

Answer - Alok.

3. What is the Theme Song For The 4th Anniversary Free Fire?

Answer-  Reunion.


Q- Which Pet Was Carried By Players The Most In The Past Year In Free Fire?



Answer - MR. WAGGOR.


Q: What Was The Weapon With The Most Kills In Free Fire In The Past Year?

Option for the players are listed below:
1) AK47
2) MP40
3) UMP
4) AWM

The Correct Answer is MP40 

All questions and answers will be updated here daily

Once you answer a specific number of questions correctly, you will be eligible to claim the following rewards:

1 answer: 1x Gold Royale Voucher.
2 answers 3x Party Animal Weapon Loot. Crate
3 answers: 3x Pet Food.
4 answers: Crimson Neon parachute.
5 answers: 4th Anniversary Pin.

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Every Day Participate On Anniversary 22th August Quiz 2021 and Win Rewards. Don’t Miss Free Fire Anniversary Quiz Answers 22 August 2021 Now. Free Fire Anniversary Quiz Event Duration Time Period 20th August – 30th August 2021.

If You Can Just 1 Question Answers Daily and Just give a 3 Submit to give a chance to win below rewards and collect on free fire 4th Anniversary Special Items Now. Free Fire 4th Anniversary Event – Join to Claim All For FREE Rewards

How to Play this Anniversary Quiz! You Can Finish Daily Mission For More Chance to Answer Quiz Questions and Submit Answers Questions & Complete Milestone For Rewards

IF You Submit Wrong Answers - 

You can Get Extra Chances if you submit wrong answer today. There are 4 options of the question what is the Theme Song For The 4th anniversary of free Fire.

How To Get Extra Chances- 

If Click on wrong answers, no problem free fire give you another 3 chances to select the right answer.
Step 1 - Go to the Daily Quiz Page
Step 2 - Select GET ANSWER CHANCE option.
Step 3 - Now you have to play 1 matches with your friends in any mode.
Step 4 - After completing the match again click on the GET ANSWER CHANCE option and claim your Chance.
Step 5 - Select The Right Answer REUNION.

What Happen If You Used All Chance And Your Answer Still Wrong - 

You have to wait till tomorrow questions, If You Used All Chance And Your Answer Still Wrong, but you are still eligible to get all the rewards, you have to wait for the next question.

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