70% Off Free Fire New Pets : which Pet Is Best? Get All Pet For Free

70% Off Free Fire New Pets : which Pet Is Best? Get All Pet For Free

Garena Free Fire is a battle royal shooting game, In the game, you have so many things to buy, through in-game currency diamond.

You can buy characters, pets, gun skin dresses, by spending diamonds. You have to buy this diamond using real-life money.

If you don't want to spend so many diamonds, then this is the best opportunity to buy your favorite pet for free.

70% Off On All Pets - 

Free fire officially announced the 4th-anniversary date. To celebrate this anniversary garena free fire lunch so many discounts offer.
Tomorrow garena lunch Green criminal bundle. The most rear bundle of free fire.

How to buy all pets For Free - 

Step 1 - After joining the lobby click on the store on the top left side of the screen.

Step 2 -  you can see a banner of a 70% discount on all pets.

Step 3 - Chose your favorite pet and click on buy.

Which pet is best in free fire - 

Garena lunch 1 pet after every OB Update, that's why so many pet in the game. Now I tell you which one is best for you.

1. If you need so many gloo walls then MR, WAGGOR is best for you, it gives 2 gloo walls for free.

2. If you use so many grenades then you have to buy Beaston

3. If you play so many full maps matches then Falco pet helps you and also your teammates with jumping from the plane.

How Many Pets Are In Free Fire|FF- 

There are 16 pets in garena free fire Right now.

What is the new pet in free fire - 

Dr. Beanie is the new pet after OB29 Update.

Skills - When you are in the Crouch position movement speed increases by 60%.

Is Shiba a good pet in free fire - 

Shiba is a very good pet, it's mostly used when you play full map matches.

Skills - Mark all the mushrooms around you every 180 seconds, last for 10 seconds.