Saturday, July 24, 2021

New Map, New Characters, New Mode & Much More! OB29 Advance Server Free Fire

What's New In OB29 Advance Server Free Fire

  • New Pet Sensei Tig
  • New Characters
  • New Game Mode Craftland
  • New 1 v 1 Game Mode
  • New Gun AC80
  • New Grenade Training
  • New Scope In SPAS12
  • New Emote Animation
  • New Game Lobby

  1. Pet Sensei Tig ( Nimble Ninja)
Skills - Reduces The Duration Of Enemies 'Man marking (Moco) skill' By 60% ( Max Level)

2. New Character ( Healing heart beat)
Skills - create a 5 m-diameter healing zone, inside user and allies recover 3HP/s.
When downed , user hand can self recover to get up. Lasts for 15s , CD 60s.

New Characters - (VITAL VIBES)

Ability -  Rescue (healup) speed increase by 40% ,  upon a successful rescue user recover 40 HP in 5 s.

New Characters - Elite Moco ( ENIGMA EYE)
Ability - when you hit you enemy , Moco mark last for more than 7 second.

4. New Game Mode Craftland 

In this mode you can edit the map as you want .

5. New 1 V 1 Game Mode 

In this mode you can play 1 V 1 with Random player . You can select any gun and improve your skill.

I think after clash squad this is the most popular game mode , leaderboard will come in upcoming days.

6. New Gun AC80
Every bulet give extra damage, it's a AR Gun.
Attachment - Everything, no scope

7. New Grande Training

Here you can improve  your cook Grande skill.

8. New Scope In SPAS12

In SPAS12 No default scope, but you can add only 2X Scope .

9. New Emote Animation

10. New Game Lobby

Mic , Speaker,  invite , all potision are changed.

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