Monday, July 26, 2021

Free Fire New Faded Wheel Event : New Bundle Winning spirit , New Car McLaren

  •  Free Fire New Event Faded Wheel Has Two new Grand Prizes Winning spirit Bundle, New Car McLaren , 
  • Participating in this draw cost 962 Daimond or less.

Free Fire New event : New Bundle, Car skin Available

Garena Free Fire is a survival battle royale game , that features some events to made this game popular.
The developer added a New faded wheel event where two Grand Prizes Winning spirit Bundle, New Car McLaren to get.
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In This Faded Wheel Event Players have to spend Daimonds to claim this two rewards Winning spirit Bundle and New Car  McLaren as a grand prize.
Event duration taday , 26th July to 1st August.

In this faded wheel event a total of 10 prizes, and the two grand prizes, at fast users have to remov the two rewards which they don't want to win. After picking them out, they can draw one reward at a time, depending on their luck.

The prize you own will not be repeated. It's increase your chances to get the grand prize in Faded Wheel.
Free Fire New Event Faded Wheel

Perticipate in the draw by using Daimonds , prize already obtained will not be repeated.
Each subsequent draw will required more Daimonds. Current draw Daimond cost 9,19,29,39,69,99,199,499 in total 962 Daimonds.
When cumulative draws reach Target, player can claim bonus prize. Cumulative prize will not be reset in current Faded Wheel season.

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