Pi Network about to get listed are you prepared for the lunch

Pi Network about to get listed are you prepared for the lunch

Pi Network is about to get listed are you prepared for the lunch

So you downloaded the PI network mobile app?

The next question is, now what?'

When pi will be listed

How much A5 currency will be valued in dollars, and what you can do to prepare yourself in anticipation.

Cryptocurrency mining is a complicated computer process, that usually necessitates the use of specialised equipment.

Ethereum is mined with powerful video cards.  but Bitcoin is mined with ASICs which are much more expensive.

Pi networks creators choose to make their coins more widely available in such a way that, Pi Crypto may be mined by anyone with a smartphone.

Find the Wi-Fi network happy with a large user base, the future of the Pi coin seems unclear.

Catching out of your Pi crypto

Before the end of 2021, the pi network will be launch on the main net. 

When the pi network reaches the mainnet it will join other cryptocurrencies in the market.

Where they will be assigned an exchange value against set currencies such as the dollar, euro.

Expected to happen by the end of 2021.
Even after pi reaches the cryptocurrency market, I advise him to hold.
It will take another decade for the PI network to mature.
To reach 100 million subscribers takes around a year.

Because the increase is exponential.
I believe we will surpass 100 million users within the next year.

According to the white paper. The value of pi network currency is determined not just by the amount of coin in circulation.
But also by demand.

This is in contrast to other cryptocurrencies when the value is determined by the scarcity of coins.

The demand is determined by the pi network's ability to sustain its network of third-party apps.

So in preparation for the listing, here's what you should do. If you want to keep your coin when it hit the market, you must verify you are a real person.

Fortunately, you still have a year to make your decision.
The identification process for the pi network is very stringent.

A Government-issued identification card is required.
This is a complete crapshoot of the bureaucratic process, to obtain documents vires based on your nationality.

On the other hand, by inhibiting money laundering, the pi network remains a cleaner cryptocurrency.

I understand why some people are concerned about revealing personal information.
You have a year to access the platform stability.