Pi Hackathon Events Update

Pi Hackathon Events Update

 Pi Hackathon Events Update

What Is Pi Hackathon - 

It Is A Events Where Software Developer Come And Participate , Show His Idea Or Apps If His Project Selected , Then  Lunch In Pi Network Platform, Example , Like Freelancer If You Done My Job In Exchange I Will Give You Some Pi Coin.

In compared to other currency Pi network marketing strategy is different.

In future could pi coin value will be 1 dollar. 

We mine pi coin for free by taping mining button only 1 time in 24 hours.

If you are mining its important to know how pi coin value build.

How much protencial in today's update, encourage pi marketing.

What is pi day -

Pi day celebrated in 14th of march, pi2day is  28th of  Jun .

In first pi day pi team invited Pioneer to show there's art and create memes pi related. The help pi network marketing and promotion.

What is pi2day - 

Pi2day is introduced to pi Hackathon to build pi value. Pi2day celebrate 28th of Jun to 10th of August.

We Want to build applications on Pi and help improve development & ecosystem growth for the Pi Network? Our first ever Pi Hackathon is designed to educate community developers — showing them how to build on top of Pi using the new Pi platform and developer resources — and surface promising teams who will help build the future with Pi together.

 Pi Hackathon a multi-week event filled with talks, workshops and building activities. To conclude, projects will be able to win prizes and present their work to the Pioneer community. Pioneers, let’s #BuildPi2gether with applications that provide real-world use cases.

Leading up to Pi Hackathon’s June 28 kickoff, we will announce more details about how to sign up for the event on the home screen.

Pi withdraw -  if you want to withdraw pi , then need to wait till mainnet lunch, now testmet is running everything is testing. When mainnet lunch , then you able to withdraw pi coin.