What is pi network ? How to make money with pi network?

What is pi network ? How to make money with pi network?

What is a pi network?

Pi network - 

the pi network is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. But it has not been launched in the market yet. some people tell about its pricing its price is so much.

But it is estimated until it is launched in the currency market. 

You cannot say what its price will be some people are saying that it is $1 its price is $5 or some cents.

Today we are going to talk about the what is PI network.

How you can earn $500 daily using your mobile phone just by using it.

Pi coin reality?

Whether it is real or it is fake and if it is real then how can we make money from this.

You have also often seen that you are getting the same message everywhere on Facebook and WhatsApp.

This is a life-changing opportunity you should download this application quickly and start mining etc.

Just as people ignore Bitcoin and today people regret it so the pi network can be like.

So at the start let me tell you what is pi network is. so it is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Find out when it launches whether it happens or not but if launched. It shows that its value is not even worth some money so defence that after the launch.

The value of this currency when people will trade it in the market then we will know what the value of it will be.

What is the Pi network launch date?

But the announcement of the Pi network was done in 2019 but it has not been launched yet.

Every time it is said that we have such a million target will launch as soon as the user completes.
But today is 2021 so far this currency has not been launch so here you may have a bit of an issue that if it were real.

It should have been launched but it has not happened yet.
Even now over 17 million downloads have been made on their app 

We talked about that 2 but 10 million + downloads have been done but this currency has not been launched yet.
Now we talk about its app that all you have to do is to go to the Play Store.

Download the app of my network I just click on the button of mining once in 24 hours and your Mining will start.

After that, the queen of your final will start being generated and at the time when this currency will be launched if you have a lot of fines and you will earn money by selling it immediately.

This is the reason why people write in messages that this is a golden opportunity to earn $500 in a day don't let it go.

So let me tell you first of all this is not the first currency that has been launched in this way.
A lot of currency has come and gone before getting launch by fraudulent people.

People say that the application is free application is downloading for free so it is been mined for free.

So what has happened to anyone who are we give me any money to anyone, let me tell you one thing.